Dana White: "Jon Jones is the best warrior ever in the UFC"

Dana White: "Jon Jones is the best warrior ever in the UFC" Kamaru Usman uncovers he battled with a wrecked nose against Jorge Masvidal Joselyne Edwards hopes to keep making UFC history
Dana White: "Jon Jones is the best warrior ever in the UFC" Kamaru Usman uncovers he battled with a wrecked nose against Jorge Masvidal Joselyne Edwards hopes to keep making UFC history Jon Jones has been perhaps the most perceived warriors lately, yet in addition quite possibly the most questionable. Notwithstanding, Dana White doesn't spare a moment to pick him as the best throughout the entire existence of the UFC. For over individuals like Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Conor McGregro or the equivalent khabib nurmagomedov, Jones was recorded by the leader of the organization as the biggest. During a meeting with TMZ Sports, White expressed that generally 'Bones' is top notch. "Who's the Best Fighter in UFC History? Jon Jones"; Catalog. Nonetheless, he repeated that Nurmagomedov is the person who is experiencing the best time: "At this moment Khabib is the most amazing aspect right now"; supplement. Jones has an expert record of 26-1-(1NC). All through his profession he has beaten individuals like Daniel Cormier, Dominick Reyes or Glover Texeira and despite the fact that he has confronted suspensions for doping, White remaining parts persuaded that what he has done in the Octagon is hard to coordinate. This year Bones will make a big appearance at the advertiser's full weight, in the wake of leaving the empty emi-heavyweight belt in 2020. In spite of the fact that there are bits of gossip that later on he would by and by bring down his class to confront Israel Adesanya ORne of the battles that caused the most expectation a year ago was Kamaru Usman's 170-pound title protection against Jorge Masvidal. Albeit many were not happy with those appeared in the Octagon, the hero uncovers that he broke his nose prior to confronting him. Usman was put on 180-day clinical suspension for a crack after the fruitful protection of his staff, a circumstance that caused contention since in battle there was never a blow that implied mischief to him. It was in a meeting for ESPN wherein he talked about what occurred. "Fourteen days prior, broke. Many individuals haven't managed a messed up nose. When something draws near to your face, you're attempting to shield yourself and not get that hit to the nose. There are two or three people here hitting quite hard. We can accuse Carrington Banks and Justin Gaethje, "Usman said. Despite the fact that he won the battle convincingly on the scorecards, Usman referenced that he was not happy with Masvidal and said he comprehended the analysis. "I was upset on the grounds that however much I arranged for the battles, I was fundamentally on auto pilot for that battle. A ton of things played a factor in that battle. I'm such a lot of in a way that is better than that. I have significantly a greater number of apparatuses and abilities to flaunt than I appeared. , on the grounds that I beat him with things that I've been accomplishing for a very long time. " Presently the recuperated Usman re-visitations of the UFC to confront Gilbert Burns at UFC 268 on February 13 in Las Vegas. JOselyne Edwards impacted the world forever on January 16 when she turned into the main Panamanian to climb the UFC Octagon, in Abu Dhabi, where she vanquished Wu Yanan, reacting to a short notification to make a big appearance in the advancement "It was a wonderful encounter since I for all intents and purposes left a mark on the world and I am impacting the world forever and that will stay forever, it is extremely pleasant that I am the main Panamanian to make her introduction as an expert in combative techniques, to leave the country and battle universally. Panamanians They took it with incredible feeling, extraordinary satisfaction and it is a pride to address my country, "he said. La Pantera has made some amazing progress to accomplish his agreement with the UFC, which additionally affirmed his second challenge on February 6 against the Brazilian Karol Rosa in Las Vegas. "I began in boxing, since I needed to help my mom and my family, I made my presentation and later I discovered blended combative techniques and there I began buckling down, on the grounds that from the start I did beginner battles and later when a few standards changed and there were no insurances in shin protectors and others, I liked to make a big appearance expertly and here I am, "he revealed to MARCAClaro USA. Mexico has become a partner of Joselyne all through her profession, which is the reason the day she battled in Abu Dhabi she came out with a banner that carried on one side that of Panama and on the opposite side that of Mexico. "The majority of my companions are Mexican, Víctor Dávila who is my mentor and director is Mexican, here (in El Paso, Texas) they are Mexican, when I arrived I was at nothing, I just had the objective of arriving at the UFC, Víctor opened me the entryways of his home, he offered to prepare me and he consented to taking me to the UFC, it is a delightful pride, bringing the two banners is a method of expressing gratitude toward all that has caused me a ton, I am thankful to Mexico, "he clarified. - What experience do you have after what you encountered toward the start of the year? "I was left with the association of my group, they carried on very well as a group, aside from the way that when you are a UFC contender they treat you well indeed, in the lower levels they don't deal with you like that, I was astounded and energized in light of the fact that you showed up and the treatment that They give you is fantastic, they consider you to offer you your food, they care about you, it truly was a treatment that I had never gotten, it was something decent, "he said. - What message would you like to provide for the individuals who need to be contenders? "I can just disclose to MMA contenders who need to arrive at the major classes that nothing is unimaginable, that you need to pursue your fantasies, nobody will get things done for you and the lone route is to plan yourself and not let yourself be halted by the little ones. rocks that are out and about, on the off chance that they fall, train more earnestly the following day, "he closed.

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