Elon Musk Takes Another Shot At Cyberpunk 2077 On Twitter

Elon Musk Takes Another Shot At Cyberpunk 2077 On Twitter
The issues encompassing Cyberpunk 2077's dispatch and latest hotfix have unquestionably caused issues for some, fans, including Elon Musk. Musk, who is no more bizarre to debate, had recently savaged CD Projekt Red when they Tweeted in regards to the issues with Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One. At that point, Musk answered with a screen capture of a Reddit post, communicating a portion of the fanbase's dissatisfactions following the dispatch of the game. Presently, he is training in on the wreck that followed Cyperpunk 2077's 1.1 update The most recent Cyberpunk 2077 update was intended to crush probably the most far and wide issues that tormented the game after dispatch. In particular, CD Projekt Red was hoping to improve security, including game accidents identified with stacking save documents. The fix additionally made upgrades to memory utilization and character AI. At long last, Patch 1.1 trained in on a portion of the more game-breaking bugs, including the UI and journey gives that fans have been asking to sort out. Notwithstanding, while Patch 1.1 addressed a large number of these issues and bugs, it lamentably likewise acquainted new ones with the disappointments of its players Enter Elon Musk, who took to Twitter to by and by needle CD Projekt Red and the Cyberpunk 2077 group by and by. In light of the 1.11 hotfix, which followed Patch 1.1, Musk said "With Cyberpunk, even the hotfixes in a real sense have hotfixes, however … extraordinary game." Plenty of Cyberpunk fans took to the answers of his Tweet to communicate their comparable disappointments or heap on to his savaging Despite the fact that that last piece of Musk's tweet may seem like another underhanded hit at the game, it's in reality likely true. A while ago when Musk was first savaging CD Projekt Red after the game's delivery, a Twitter client inquired as to whether he was an aficionado of the game. Musk answered that he had gotten an opportunity to play momentarily yet the game appeared "very great." truth be told, Musk as of late uncovered that his organization's Tesla Plaid Model S has an arcade highlight that permits fans to mess around like Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher III in their vehicle. A self-portrayed computer game fan, Musk's rehashed cooperation with CD Projekt Red has additionally raised the likelihood that he may be the following VIP to appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 out of a future DLC. Whether or not this is neighborly ribbing or the dissatisfactions of their most extravagant client, CD Projekt Red unmistakably still has far to go in improving the experience for Cyberpunk 2077 players. The game's underlying recognition on delivery was damaged by all the specialized issues as players were tormented at the capability of the game that might have been. What's more, resulting disclosures with respect to the game's disturbed advancement have just powered fan disappointment at the still-undiscovered capability of Cyberpunk 2077

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