Report: Rams made a run at Aaron Rodgers

Report: Rams made a run at Aaron Rodgers
Report: Rams made a run at Aaron Rodgers The Rams wound up with one quarterback from the NFC North. They previously attempted to get another. Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times reports that the Rams made a run at Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Per Farmer, the Packers were "resolved" that they weren't exchanging Rodgers. Rancher didn't indicate the offer made by the Rams for Rodgers — in the event that it even got to that point. The Packers have made it freely evident that they would prefer not to exchange Rodgers. Rodgers, after needlessly proposing a week ago that his future with the Packers is questionable, attempted to return a large portion of the toothpaste to the cylinder a few days after the fact. In spite of the fact that plainly the Packers need Rodgers for 2021 and that Rodgers needs to remain, Rodgers additionally needs lucidity with respect to his status, as an authoritative responsibility that obviously ties player and group together for a few years, if not longer. Regardless of whether Rodgers gets that responsibility and the following clearness is, as Rodgers would call it, a lovely secret.

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