The most important 30 types of dogs that may cause increased insurance for homeowners.

 30//*/Rhodesian Ridgeback

These dogs have been used for tracking lions in southern Africa, which should tell you that it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep them as pets. They have been known to jump fences and attack children if they feel threatened.

27/*/Miniature Pinscher
This tiny dog is very possessive with its food and toys and is willing to fight a child if they feel their food or toy could be taken away. They’re also dominant and aggressive with other dogs but are ok around cats.

26//*//Presa Canario
This breed has a bad reputation for not being fit to be a pet. These dogs were bred to be sheepherders on farms because of their size and demeanor. It’s capable of taking a human down if it so wishes.

25///*/Staffordshire Terrier
This breed is very strong and can easily become aggressive. They need to be trained in order to keep them from misbehaving. They’re known to be gentle with humans, but they still have a violent streak to watch out for.

As their name states these majestic-looking dogs are half-wolf. That means that they have wild instincts within them, which can manifest itself at any time. For this reason, it’s not advisable to have them as pets especially around small children.

23//*/Great Dane
This breed is one of the tallest dogs, which can be dangerous around small children. They need to be trained from young, but even then one can never be sure if the dog decides to become aggressive one day.

22//*/German Shepherd
These dogs are known for being loyal, smart, and very obedient when well trained. However, they have an aggressive side, which makes them dangerous to have around kids in general. They’re very powerful animals with sharp teeth to be aware of.

21//**Neapolitan Mastiff
These dogs are gentle creatures despite their enormous size. They’re very affectionate with their owners but are extremely strong, which makes them a hazard around kids. They can accidentally sit or step on small kids, or even knock them over.

These dogs are medium-sized, very confident, and self-assured. So much so, that they have no issues showing aggression to other bigger dogs. They need a lot of attention or otherwise, they’ll chew everything and dig up your garden.

19/*/Cane Corso
This mastiff breed originates from Italy and has been around for years. They were bred to participate in blood sports, battle, and hunt. They’re fantastic guard dogs but shouldn’t be kept as pets because of their dangerous and aggressive tendencies.

These beautifully spotted dogs need constant attention, socialization, and affection from their owners. If you have small children around you won’t be able to dedicate the amount of time this breed needs. If they feel neglected they develop behavioral problems.

These small dogs may be cute and cuddly but don’t like being treated like toys. They’re very independent and don’t like to be cuddled and manhandled, which kids won’t understand. Pekingese need a lot of discipline and authority to behave.

16//Shih Tzu
They are the least recommended owning if you have small children in the family. They get frightened and over excited easily, which in some cases, can result in young kids getting bitten. This is especially the case if there’s rough play.

15///Japanese Chin
These tiny dogs are adorable and great companions. But they’re very demanding of their master’s attention and affection and don’t want to share them. If they’re too pampered they feel they’re the boss but if they feel neglected they become jealous.

14//French Bulldog
Even though they’re a playful breed that doesn’t mean they’re good to have around kids. They’re very demanding and need training otherwise, they act out by being aggressive or mischievous. They need a firm authoritative approach to be well behaved.

Greyhounds are usually bred for racing because of their speed and energy. Although these dogs are often associated with racing, but they are loving gentle giants. When it comes to Greyhounds, looks may be deceiving, although we think they are quite adorable!

12/English Toy Spaniel
These dogs like to be dominant and in charge. They’re small and cute but can be quite aggressive to other dogs, children, and even adults if they feel threatened. That’s why if a child mishandles them they may get bitten.

11/Afghan Hound
These dogs were bred as guard dogs and for hunting, so they need discipline and training. If untrained they become disobedient and quite destructive. They might see small kids’ playfulness as a form of aggression towards them and react badly.

10/Chow Chow
People can mistake these dogs for good pets for their kids because their fluffy hair makes them look like cuddly soft toys. They’re overly jealous and can become obsessed with their owners, which could cause a risk for small kids.

These dogs are known for being really playful and mischievous. They’re an extremely stubborn and inquisitive breed. Small kids might play rough with them because they’re small and that might result in the dog snapping at the child to defend themselves.

8/Siberian Husky
Huskies are extremely energetic dogs and need a lot of time and attention. Trying to keep up with its needs can become exhausting. Huskies might also become jealous and want to compete with your small kids for your attention.

7/Australian Shepherd
This breed is very energetic and brave, which makes them great watchdogs and disaster rescue dogs. They need daily walks because they’re so energetic. They can become aggressive with kids as they may see them as pups that need discipline.

Weimaraners are very energetic dogs and because they’re hunting dogs, their hunting instincts kick in around small creatures, which could include your kids. These dogs wouldn’t hurt your kids on purpose but they can because of their high energy levels.

5/Saint Bernard
These gentle giants are beautiful, lovable, and very playful. They’re easy to train and can behave around children. The biggest problem with them is that they can hurt kids by accident because of their playful nature and their massive build.

Bullmastiffs can grow to be very large and can be aggressive, which can pose a risk around small children. They don’t seem to be aware of their size so can knock kids down and trample on them without realizing it.

Rottweilers were bred for their strength. They were used for pulling carts and herding livestock. They’re loyal animals but have a tendency to react violently towards strangers. They have strong personalities and need strict training in order to control them.

2/Alaskan Malamute

These dogs are notorious for being difficult to train because they’re hardwired to be pack leaders and not followers. They’re known to attack smaller animals and children to show dominance and they need socialization with other dogs and humans too.

1////It has always 

been said that a dog is a man’s best friend because they’re such loyal and loving animals. But some breeds can be dangerous around children for various reasons. Let’s have a look at what these breeds are.