Asian American people group nervous after lethal shootings

 By Melissa Macaya and Meg Wagner 

Asian American people group are nervous after Tuesday's lethal shootings at three Atlanta-region spas. Six of the eight individuals slaughtered were Asian ladies. 

While the presume faces numerous tallies of homicide and a charge of bothered attack, there's a furious discussion in progress about whether he ought to likewise confront disdain wrongdoing charges. 

President Biden and VP Harris met with Asian American pioneers in Georgia today. 

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Biden: "Disdain can have no protected harbor in America. It should stop." 

President Biden gave Americans a calming take a gander at the bigoted conduct incalculable Asian Americans have needed to fight with since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. 

Biden's comments were made in Atlanta this evening only days after the dangerous shootings at three Atlanta-territory spas where six of the eight individuals killed were Asian ladies. 

Their families are left with broken hearts and unanswered inquiries and the examination is progressing," Biden said. "Whatever the inspiration we realize this, an excessive number of Asian Americans have been strolling all over the roads and stressing, getting up every morning the previous year feeling their security and the wellbeing of their friends and family are in question. They've been assaulted, accused, scapegoated, annoyed. They've been obnoxiously attacked, genuinely attacked, slaughtered." 

Biden added: "Recorded occurrences of disdain against Asian Americans have seen a soaring spike throughout the most recent year, not to mention the ones that occurred and never get detailed. It's been a time of living in dread for their lives just to stroll down the road. .... With every one of the decency that laws can do, we need to change our hearts. Disdain can have no protected harbor in America. It should stop. It's on us all, we all together to make it stop."