Chrissy Teigen leaving Twitter in view of relentless pessimism is really rich to one individual who asserts the model mother harassed the damnation outta her for quite a long time ... also, never apologized for it. 

That would be one Courtney Stodden, who says she considers Chrissy a straight-up wolf in sheep's clothing for running from something she, at the end of the day, was sustaining and knee-somewhere down in about 10 years prior ... as per CS, at any rate. 

You might've gotten Courtney's online media present responding on the news Chrissy was jettisoning the bird stage. She posted a screen capture of one of Chrissy's old tweets from 2011 that ridiculed the reality Courtney's FB account had gotten closed down, conjuring Nazis for the correlation. 

Courtney stated, "What a disgrace @chrissyteigen is leaving Twitter ... it's excessively 'negative' for herrrrrr #chrissyteigen #bully"

There are significantly more tweets Chrissy sent Courtney that year and in years since, large numbers of which were cowardly. Chrissy said Courtney taking a "earth snooze" was her dream ... furthermore, she frequently ridiculed her appearance, while additionally wanting demise for her ... playfully or something else. Chrissy even once said "I disdain you" out of the unmistakable blue. 

Courtney says the entire thing is unexpected looking back, particularly since Chrissy's erased her profile while refering to negative Nancies as the explanation. All the more truly, Courtney says she never found the opportunity to excuse Chrissy ... 'cause she never tried to right her wrongs. 

In case you're considering what the background is for Chrissy's previous animosity toward Courtney - it is by all accounts associated with Courtney's celebrated union with entertainer Doug Hutchison ... at the point when she was only 16 at that point, and he was an astounding 50 years of age. It was enormous information back then ... also, subject to much theory and interest - in addition, joke and disparagement. 

Courtney claims Chrissy's tweets appeared suddenly ... with no other history or setting. Regardless, Courtney's splitting estimation is by all accounts - don't allow the way to hit ya in transit out.