Elizabeth Banks has 2 words for you: Cocaine Bear

 Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a cinema (while additionally perusing

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a cinema (while additionally perusing this article). There's a trailer playing on the screen, one of those good old ones where it's simply energizing words and expressions flying at the screen. Each word is more energizing than the last, and before the finish of the nonexistent trailer you're essentially tossing your popcorn noticeable all around in energy. Concerning the words flying at the screen, here you go: 

Phil Ruler. Chris Mill operator. Elizabeth Banks. Cocaine. A bear. Cocaine Bear. Going to an auditorium close to you. 

Energizing, correct? Here's the real data, which you can simply picture as a customary news story and not a grindhouse film trailer: Phil Ruler and Chris Mill operator (heads of The Lego Film and makers on Into The Creepy crawly Section) are creating a film called Cocaine Hold on for Elizabeth Banks coordinating (she recently made Pitch Wonderful 2 and… Charlie's Holy messengers). This comes from The Hollywood Journalist, which says explicit plot subtleties haven't been uncovered, however the film depends on a genuine anecdote about—what else?— a bear that did a lot of cocaine. 

Here's that story, which you can picture anyway you like: In 1985, a medication runner named Andrew Thornton tumbled to his passing since he leaped out of a plane while conveying "excessively substantial an uproarious while dropping." That heap was apparently tranquilizes, on the grounds that before his demise he tossed a lot of cocaine out of a plane some place over Georgia, and as you can presumably figure from setting signs, that cocaine was subsequently found by a bear (explicitly a 175-pound mountain bear). The story quits being fun after that point, since bears should eat packs of cocaine, however that doesn't mean Cocaine Bear isn't quite an idea for a film. These subtleties come from a New York Times story that is (divertingly) one single passage long, so it'll be intriguing to what sort of film this winds up being, yet all we need to know is that it has Phil Master, Chris Mill operator, Elizabeth Banks, a lot of cocaine, and a bear.