Grammys 2021: 10 Takeaways From A Major, Odd Evening

On the off chance that we could in a real sense remove one thing from the Grammys, Harry Styles' plume boa may be it. 

The star is currently the most-granted lady in Grammys history, surpassing country artist Alison Krauss. 

Beyoncé has established another precedent at the Grammy Grants with her 28th success.

The 2021 Grammys by one way or another endure a Coronavirus propelled six-week delay, also furious castigations from The Weeknd, and set up a consistent, engaging, music-pressed broadcast that additionally demonstrated totally, bafflingly chafing. How could all that be valid? Peruse on! 

1. The actual transmission was a victory. Give enormous measures of credit to chief maker Ben Winston, making his Grammys debut: His broadcast moved breezily across different stages, cut past years' fat and a large part of the filler, featured a tremendous and assorted exhibit of music and permitted the entertainers to be displayed at their best. A run of the mill Grammys broadcast has fantastic highs and humiliating lows, yet Sunday night's exhibitions were too capably and carefully delivered to take into consideration train wrecks. After a muddled, awkward, Zoom-serious Brilliant Globes broadcast only a couple weeks sooner, Winston showed the world how it's finished. 

Grammys 2021: 21 Best, Most noticeably awful, and Most WTF Minutes 

The actual honors? Hoo kid. You could see it coming, yet it actually felt stunning: The Grammys paused for a minute, after giving Beyoncé the 28th Grammy of her a-list profession, to recognize that she'd recently outperformed Alison Krauss for the most Grammys at any point granted to a female craftsman. (Watch your back, Georg Solti!) Unacknowledged at that time was that Beyoncé has a long history of getting disregarded for the significant honors of the evening; she has always lost record of the year or collection of the year, and she won tune of the year just a single time, in 2010, for "Single Women (Put a Ring on It)." Output a rundown of the Grammys that Beyoncé has won, and note the occasions the modifier "R&B" shows up. 

Grammys 2021: Beyoncé and Taylor Quick leave a mark on the world 

All in all, when the opportunity arrived to grant the night's last prize, it must be Megan You Steed and Beyoncé's "Savage," correct? Megan had effectively won best new craftsman; "Savage" had effectively won best rap execution and best rap tune; Beyoncé's "Dark Procession" had effectively won best R&B execution, and her "Earthy colored Skin Young lady" had effectively won best music video (which implies that Beyoncé's 9-year-old girl, Blue Ivy Carter, presently has her first Grammy). Billie Eilish, as far as concerns her, had won just best melody composed for visual media, for "No An ideal opportunity to Kick the bucket." Yet record of the year went to Eilish, who spent quite a bit of her discourse saying 'sorry' to Megan You Steed for winning. 

"I'm so respected, I'm so energized," she said while tolerating her record-breaking prize, for best R&B execution. 

Taylor Quick likewise left a mark on the world at Sunday's function, by turning into the main female craftsman at any point to win collection of the year multiple times. 

The star was compensated for her lockdown collection Fables - after beforehand winning with Brave in 2010 and the pop creation 1989 of every 2016. 

Just three different craftsmen have at any point won the collection of the year prize multiple times: Forthright Sinatra, Paul Simon and Stevie Marvel. 

Beyoncé's 28th Grammy was introduced to pay tribute to Dark Procession, a festival of dark force and flexibility, which she delivered on Juneteenth a year ago. 

"As a craftsman, I trust I must mirror the occasions, and it's been a particularly troublesome time," she said as she gathered the honor. 

"So I needed to elevate, energize, commend the entirety of the excellent dark sovereigns and rulers that keep on moving me and move the world" 

Megan You Steed's two platform turns, one close by her deity Beyoncé, were among the features of the 2021 Grammys.