Is Miley Cyrus Dating Singer Yungblud?!

 Miley Cyrus has the web ablaze after she was snapped spending time with artist Yungblud, powering bits of hearsay the two may be a couple! 

The ' Destroying Ball 'vocalist was spotted spending time with the singer at a L.A. bar and the photographs have fans accepting there might be something to it! As indicated by reports, the artist was seen at the well known Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA, and she was coming up to the '11 Minutes' performer.

As per numerous reports, there Isn't anything going on sincerely between the two youthful specialists. The couple was hanging out, however it wasn't a thing like that! 

Clearly, Yungblud (genuine name Dominic Harrison) are "just companions" and were simply spending time with a gathering of companions, a source told Individuals. 

Strangely, Miley's supposed drinking inside the bar stood out as truly newsworthy than the conceivable sentiment. As per reports, Miley was celebrating inside the bar and was certainly drinking, as per Page Six.

See The Photos...Below. 

Likely most of the way into 26, I got calm," Miley revealed to Drifter in January. 

She proceeded, "At that point by 27, [November 2019] I was practically completely calm. At that point, similar to a many individuals during the pandemic, I tumbled off. It was actually a battle. Emotional wellness and nervousness what not. I lost myself there, and now I'm back on five weeks." 

With respect to the conceivable sentiment, Yungblud is no more unusual to acclaimed snare ups - he was once associated with artist Halsey - and obviously, Miley was hitched to entertainer Liam Hemsworth.