Sally Grossman, Deified on a Dylan Collection Cover, Bites the dust at 81

 She chose a red outfit and paused dramatically on the front of "Presenting to Everything Back Home," leaving much for fans to figure about. 

Bounce Dylan needed his chief's better half, Sally Grossman, to show up on the front of his 1965 collection taken at her home in Woodstock, N.Y. 

One of Bounce Dylan's most significant early collections, "Presenting to Everything Back Home" from 1965, has the sort of cover that can strain eyes and fuel theory. It is a photo of Mr. Dylan, in a dark coat, sitting in a room brimming with bric-a-brac that might possibly mean something, gazing into the camera as a lady in a red outfit lounges behind the scenes. 

Fans turned out to be so focused on interpreting it," the music writer Neil McCormick wrote in The Every day Broadcast of London a year ago, "that gossip grabbed hold that the lady was Dylan in drag, addressing the female side of his mind." 

She wasn't. She was Sally Grossman, the spouse of Mr. Dylan's director at that point, Albert Grossman. 

The photograph was shot in Albert Grossman's home," the one who took it, Daniel Kramer, revealed to The Gatekeeper in 2016. "The room was the first kitchen of this house that two or three hundred years of age." 

"Weave added to the image the magazines he was perusing and collections he was tuning in to," Mr. Kramer added, a reference to the bric-a-brac. "Weave needed Sally to be in the photograph since, indeed, take a gander at her! She picked the red outfit." 

Ms. Grossman passed on Thursday at her home in the Bearsville segment of Woodstock, N.Y., not a long way from the house where the photo was taken. She had for quite some time been an apparatus in Woodstock, working an account studio, a theater and different organizations there after her significant other passed on of a respiratory failure at 59 out of 1986. She was 81. 

Her niece, Anna Buehler, affirmed her demise and said the reason had not been resolved. 

Ms. Grossman in an undated photograph, taken in a similar room, against a similar chimney, wherein the 1965 collection cover photograph was shot. She and her significant other ran recording studios and cafés in Woodstock, and after his passing she made the Bearsville Theater there. Credit...Deborah Feingold/Corbis through Getty Pictures 

Sally Ann Buehler was brought into the world on Aug. 22, 1939, in Manhattan to Coleman and Ann (Kauth) Buehler. Her mom was chief overseer of the Young men Club (presently the Assortment Young men and Young ladies Club) of Sovereigns; her dad was a statistician. 

Ms. Grossman learned at Adelphi College on Long Island and Tracker School in Manhattan, yet she was more attracted to human expressions scene permeating in Greenwich Town. 

I calculated that what was occurring on the road was significantly more intriguing than contemplating seventeenth century English writing," she revealed to Artist magazine in 1987, "so I exited Tracker and started functioning as a server. I worked at the Bistro Wha?, and afterward the Dramatic finish, all finished." 

En route she met Mr. Grossman, who was making his name overseeing society music acts that played at those sorts of settings, including Peter, Paul and Mary, whom he united. 

The workplace was continually loaded with individuals," Ms. Grossman reviewed in the 1987 meeting. "Peter, Paul and Mary, obviously, yet additionally Ian and Sylvia, Richie Shelters, Gordon Lightfoot, different artists, craftsmen, writers." 

The couple, who wedded in 1964, got comfortable Woodstock, where Mr. Grossman had procured properties and which Mr. Dylan had likewise found about a similar time, settling there with his family also.