She needs to apologize to the entire country

 Kostornaya left Tutberidze with an embarrassment, and now she is returning. What did Plushenko need for her?

Olympic skater Alena Kostornaya gets back to the gathering of Eteri Tutberidze following a half year of preparing at the Evgeni Plushenko Institute... There is no authority affirmation of the data yet, however it ought to show up sooner rather than later. This news came as a major amazement, despite the fact that, all things being equal, coherently, this is the manner by which occasions ought to create. Powerless substance of the projects, challenges in getting fit as a fiddle and, at last, not getting to the Big showdown - this is the thing that Kostornaya has before the finish of the pre-Olympic season. To proceed with the battle, she direly needs to change something, and she doesn't have numerous alternatives. However, the competitor left Khrustalny with an embarrassment and from the outset glanced extremely glad in another spot ... Was the collaboration among Kostornaya and Plushenko truly destined to disappointment and whether Tutberidze could save the competitor's profession? sorted out . 

She chose to fundamentally change the group." 

Kostornaya's progress to Plushenko in July 2020 brought up a ton of issues. Along these lines, right away before her, Alexandra Trusova left for Holy messengers Plushenko , in any case, first and foremost, she did it in a more enlightened way, and besides, she had explanations behind that. Trusova, a different world record holder and professional skater with a one of a kind arrangement of fourfold hops, lost in full-time wrestling to Kostornaya and another cohort Anna Shcherbakova all last season . Having the most troublesome specialized substance on the planet, Alexandra didn't skate the projects neatly, so at all significant beginnings she was left with just bronze. This was the principle grievance of the skater to the training staff: specialists couldn't instruct her to perform without disturbances. 

Trusova left Khrustalny before the beginning of the new season, she went to the instructional course with Plushenko's group. In a meeting with Match television, she clarified in detail the choice and expressed gratitude toward the previous coaches for their work. Albeit a few specialists questioned the rightness of her activities, it never became obvious anybody to brutally censure the skater. In "Khrustalny", thus, they were vexed, however were limited. The exchange ended up being noisy, however social, or something. It ended up being diverse with Kostornaya. 

Alena directed pre-season preparing in the past gathering, choreographer Daniil Gleichengauz arranged new projects for her. Somewhat more than a month stayed before the control rentals - an opportunity to work out the components and set the structure. In any case, it out of nowhere turned out that since spring, the skater had been haggling with Plushenko (this data was either affirmed or denied). A few arrangements of "persona non grata" - professional skaters of "Khrustalny", with whom Kostornaya would not like to learn at a similar skating arena, quickly surfaced. It was the finish of the joint effort, to which Tutberidze responded with a passionate post on Instagram. "They come to us sweet, kind, with an open look, who need to accomplish results, to demonstrate to themselves as well as other people. Time passes, we work gainfully and some of the time accomplish huge outcomes. And afterward ... "- she composed.