Apple's got new iPads rainbow iMacs and lost item trackers called AirTags Heres whats worth your money.

 Mac patched up the two its $800 Professional tablet and $1,300 PC with its M1 processor 

Apple President Tim Cook remains with the new iMac setup, in this actually picture from Apple's extraordinary occasion video. (Apple Inc./By means of Reuters) 

Life in Coronavirus lockdown has caused large numbers of us to depend on our home PCs. Presently Apple is trusting a few of us are prepared for an update.

At its first product launch event of 2021, dubbed “Spring Loaded,” Apple unveiled a cornucopia of new gear, including an upgrade to its pricey iPad Pro tablet and redesigned — and now rainbow colored — iMac desktops. There’s a new iPhone accessory called the AirTag to help you find lost stuff and an overhaul of the Apple TV streaming box’s remote control. And Apple said next week it would release an iPhone software update called iOS 14.5 with a controversial privacy change that’s likely to ignite 

Like all of last year’s Apple product events, this one was prerecorded and streamed from the company’s website, rather than a theater full of journalists with pesky questions. We’ve still got some first impressions about what is — and isn’t — worth your money.

Apple's Raja Bose announces the new iPad Pro, in this still image from the keynote video of a special event at Apple Park. (Apple Inc./Via Reuters)

The $800-and-up iPad Pro includes some changes that respond directly to the challenges of pandemic life — but may not be right for your pandemic budget.

The new iPad Pro is also available in a version that supports faster 5G cellular data networks, which are great when they’re available — but that’s still a work in progress across most of the U.S.

The iPad Pro line, last refreshed a year ago with a new $300 keyboard case, is the fastest and largest of Apple’s tablet family, available in full-screen 11- and 12.9-inch versions. Apple has long touted the Pro as being as powerful as a laptop, and the 2021 edition now contains the same Apple-designed M1 processor as Apple’s latest Mac computers. Whether the faster chip can help the iPad reach laptop-replacement status is still an open question.

The largest model of the iPad Pro also contains a new kind of screen technology called mini-LED that promises better contrast and detail. You might have to step outside to notice the difference — the biggest impact is that the screen can get much brighter.