BILL MAHER Sticks OSCARS Did They All Stop Cocaine Simultaneously?

 Bill Maher wrecked the Oscars Friday night ... pondering that the decisions the Foundation is making for best movies require a name change to the Debbies ... as in wet blanket!!!

The 'Constant' have ticked off the candidates for Best Movement Pic, and survey may require a genuine portion of Prozac, 'cause they're all too discouraging. 

Bill goes down the rundown - "Judas and the Dark Savior," "Promising Young lady, "The Sound of Metal," "Nomadland," "The Dad," "Minari" ... Bill depicts each and afterward brings down the blast with this ... "The 2021'Oscars, brought to you by disposable cutters, Kleenex and rope." 

It's a clever ride ... Bill ponders, "What ended up showing business? Did they all choose to stop cocaine simultaneously?" 

It wasn't simply amusing ... Bill had a point - "Foundation selections used to say, 'What extraordinary motion pictures we make. Presently they say, 'Look what benefit people we are.'"