Billie Eilish delivering new collection, More joyful Than at any other time, this July

 Billie Eilish is back, she's a blonde now, and she's had a beneficial quar. Subsequent to 

prodding another collection during a meeting with Stephen Colbert back in February, Eilish has authoritatively reported her profoundly expected, second full-length collection, More joyful Than at any other time, set for discharge on July 30

Eilish made the announcement on Instagram, where she debuted the cover art for Happier Than Ever, which features a low-key portrait of a blonde Eilish wrapped in a white cardigan—a striking contrast to the aesthetic she sported during and after the release of her first album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Eilish, who has spoken out against body-shaming and criticized the objectification of women’s bodies, typically rebels against gender and social norms in her looks, which makes the simplicity of this new image even more intriguing. 

In addition to announcing the new album, Eilish revealed that she’s dropping a new single from the album this Thursday, April 29. As with her debut album and EP, Don’t Smile At Me, Eilish recorded Happier Than Ever with her brother and collaborator, Finneas. The pair netted multiple Grammy awards in 2020 for her first album, including Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Producer. Check out the full track list for the new album below:


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