Emily VanCamp's Family Has Gotten Numb to Her MCU Wounds

 The Bird of prey and the Colder time of year Solider's Emily VanCamp says her family is undeterred by the wounds she supports while dealing with Wonder Studios projects. 

Cautioning: The accompanying contains spoilers for The Bird of prey and the Colder time of year Fighter Finale, "One World, One Individuals," presently spilling on Disney+.

The Falcon and the Winter Solider'sEmily VanCamp revealed that her family members are completely unfazed by the injuries she sustains while working on Marvel Studios projects.

"I mean look, that's part of who I signed up to play. [Sharon Carter] doesn't have powers," the actor recently told Jimmy Kimmel. "I mean it's great until it comes to the fight sequences. You know, um... and then they start stripping away your weapons."