Paula Abdul Calls Simon Cowell An sexually transmitted disease On American Icon I Can t Trust I Said That

 Previous "American Symbol" normal Paula Abdul returned as a visitor judge on Monday ― and may have given her harshest evaluate to ex-co-star Simon Cowell.

Abdul returned to fill in for Luke Bryan, who as of late tried positive for Coronavirus, and had a virtual get-together with another individual specialist from some time ago, Randy Jackson. 

As host Ryan Seacrest brought his iPad over to Abdul, he went it to uncover Jackson on the screen, video-visiting with them. 

"Miss Paula Abdul, it seems like bygone eras, right?" Jackson said. 

"Indeed, it does, we're simply missing the sexually transmitted disease," Abdul answered.

The — the what?” Seacrest said.

“The super talented! Super talented,” Abdul said quickly.

After a slight delay ― and perhaps some thinking on her feet in the live broadcast ― she added “super talented debonair” to complete the suspicious abbreviation.

“I can’t believe I said that,” Abdul can be heard telling current judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie off to the side.

Abdul, Cowell and Jackson served as judges for the first several seasons of “American Idol” beginning in 2003. Whether it was a diss, a friendly fire or just something odd that came out of her mouth on Monday, Abdul will forever be the talent show’s girl.