RAZZIE Grants 2021 Victors: MUSIC, 365 DAYS WIN Enormous AT 41ST Brilliant RASPBERRY Grants

 Selective: YOUR FIRST Glance AT THE 2021 RAZZIE Victors/Failures, INCLUDING A Questionable Melodic, An Attractive NETFLIX HIT, AND A Major Spending FLOP. 

2020 was a political race year, so it's nothing unexpected maybe that even the Brilliant Raspberry Grants shifted vigorously political with its new record of nine Razzie champs. Across classes that included Most exceedingly awful Picture, Most noticeably terrible Entertainer and Entertainer, and Most noticeably awful Screen Combo, the enormous champs/washouts were popular star Sia's dubious melodic Music (three successes), "My Pad Fellow" Mike Lindell's narrative Supreme Evidence (two successes), and

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
which took out two categories – Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Combo – thanks to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s infamous cameo in the Certified Fresh, Oscar-nominated sequel.

Music, which has been the subject of much discussion due to its depiction of autism and casting of a non-autistic actress as the autistic lead character, took out Worst Director (Sia), Worst Actress (Kate Hudson), and Worst Supporting Actress (Maddie Ziegler); Absolute Proof, however, won the Razzies’ lowest honor, Worst Film, along with Worst Actor for Lindell. Other winners included Robert Downey Jr.’s big-budget fantasy flop, Dolittle (Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel), and steamy Netflix thriller, 365 Days, which was named Worst Screenplay (as if anyone, even its fans, cared that the film even had a screenplay!).

Plus, in a nod to the absolute s–tshow that was last year, the Razzies gave a special “Governor’s Awards” to 2020 for being the worst calendar year, ever.

The nine categories were voted for online by 1,097 Razzie members across all 50 U.S. states and more than 20 countries. Did they get the year’s worst of the worst right? Let us know in the comments.