Rose Byrne Gets Rebelliously Physical in Mystery for 1980s-Set Apple TV+ Dramedy — Additionally, Get Debut Date

 For All Humankind Finale: Michael Dorman Responds to That Tremendous Gordo Curve

For All Humankind Manager on Why Finale's Grievous Curve Was 'the Correct Closure' for [Spoiler], What It Means for Season 3 

Created by Annie Weisman (The Path, Desperate Housewives) and premiering Friday, June 18 with its first three episodes (followed by a new episode weekly), the 1980s-set, half-hour dark comedy follows Sheila Rubin, a seemingly dutiful housewife who supports her smart-but-controversial husband’s (Superstore’s Rory Scovel) bid for state assembly. “But behind closed doors, Sheila has her own darkly funny take on life she rarely lets the world see,” reads the synopsis. “She’s also battling a complex set of personal demons relating to her self-image… that is, until she finds release through the unlikeliest source: the world of aerobics.”

At first hooked on the exercise fad itself, Sheila’s real road to empowerment comes when she discovers a way to merge her newfound passion with the burgeoning technology of videotape, to start a revolutionary business. Physical tracks her journey from a stifled, overlooked enabler to a powerful, confident economic force, as Sheila transforms into someone we take for granted today (but was entirely radical at the time) — the female lifestyle guru.


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