The falcon and the Colder time of year Trooper: Karli 'Has Greater Needs' Than Battling John Walker, Erin Kellyman Says

 Billions of individuals met up in the quick outcome of the Blip, and a significant number of those abandoned got themselves destitute and dislodged when the missing at long last returned. 

Albeit the gathering has turned to outrageous strategies (like bombarding a Worldwide Bringing home Chamber office), Kellyman says they're propelled by a longing to reestablish a feeling of local area. 

"Individuals who stayed sort of met up and upheld each other part more in view of the horrendous mishap — half of the populace vanishing — and the lines were open, and individuals met up, and there was greater solidarity," she tells TVLine. "That is the thing that she's attempting to recreate that once more, yet with everyone this time."

However, the lengths that the Flag Smashers are willing to go to complete their mission raises philosophical questions about whether or not the end justifies their means. Are they still creating good in the world if they’re willing to kill those who stand in their way? And as Zemo pointed out in this week’s episode, creating their own army from the Super Soldier serum makes them supremacists just like the Nazis, and on a dangerous path where they will not stop unless someone forces them to.

But it may not have always been like this. For Kellyman, the Flag Smashers probably first used the serum for an entirely different purpose which has now been warped as they continue to expand.

“I think the reason that they wanted the power behind them, originally, was probably for a more practical use. They do a lot of moving boxes and helping people, and I think they probably would have just taken it for that reason. Now they’re starting to get more attention, and they’re posing more of a threat, and I think [the serum] is quite helpful,” Kellyman explains.

However, her priorities may soon shift. Episode 4 also saw Walker snap and use Cap’s shield to bludgeon to death one of the Flag Smashers, after his partner Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar was killed by Karli during a melee. Now that he’s out for blood, Karli will probably need to start paying closer attention to the star-spangled veteran.