The vengeance thrill ride "Promising Young lady": A rich gut-punch of a film

 As of late, Carey Mulligan went for a walk through A world of fond memories – London's popular West End, where she began, competing for parts, at only 18. 

"What I generally adored about it was the local area," Mulligan told reporter Holly Williams. "I sort of cherished the trying out, sort of beating asphalts stage." 

Williams asked, "When things return, perhaps in the not so distant future, do you think you'll begin doing theater jobs once more? 

Goodness, I'd love to. No doubt, I love it, I miss it. Simply being in here makes me need to do a play."

On screen, Mulligan cut her teeth with some very British period dramas, from "Pride and Prejudice" to "Far From the Madding Crowd." She's won praise as one of the most courageous actors of her generation, from "The Great Gatsby," to "Suffragette." Her performances, in films such as "Inside Llewyn Davis," "Drive" and "Mudbound," combine vulnerability and steeliness.

She said, "I'm drawn to stories about women that feel real and honest, and not just the bits that are kind of pretty and easily consumed."

Growing up in a small English town, acting was the only thing she ever wanted to do, but she was rejected by every drama school to which she applied.

"Rejected everywhere, and yet you persisted?" asked Williams.