Alex Rodriguez is 'fine' in the midst of reports he's 'in a lot of hurt' over Bennifer


Alex Rodriguez is supposedly in his sentiments about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's get-together 

A-Pole is "fine" regardless of short of breath reports that he is harming gravely preposterous that Jennifer Lopez has apparently proceeded onward from their separation so quick with Ben Affleck. 

"Alex is doing fine," a source revealed to Page Six on Friday. "He's been investing energy with his family and focusing on the Timberwolves bargain. He's focusing in his children and the group. That is it." 

Us Week by week, nonetheless, cited an insider Friday as exaggeratedly saying Rodriguez, 45, is "in a ton of hurt" over the split, adding, "It's the first occasion when anybody can recollect him being unloaded this way, in any event openly." 

In April, the previous MLB star and Lopez, 52, affirmed their commitment was finished and said they are "in an ideal situation as companions." 

The amicable exes went out to supper seven days after their separation, yet a couple of days after that trip, J.Lo was spotted spending time with Affleck, 48, her previous life partner. 

Seeing her running straight back to Ben's arms is a genuine kick in the teeth," the insider disclosed to Us Week by week Friday. "There's a piece of him that actually sticks onto the expectation that they'll end up together again yet where it counts he's needed to acknowledge the unforgiving truth that she's over him and proceeding onward with Ben." 

That at any rate corresponds with different reports guaranteeing the previous Yankees slugger was "stunned" over Lopez and Affleck's get-together, however insiders near the Aughts It Couple are not shocked by any stretch of the imagination. 

"She was constantly fixated on Ben," a source who knows both Lopez and Affleck revealed to Page Six this month. "They have consistently cherished one another." 

Lopez and Affleck went through an end of the week together in Montana as of late, and when Rodriguez was gotten some information about the excursion, he just reacted, "Go Yankees." 

The remark had all the earmarks of being a slight hit at Affleck, who is broadly known to be a fanatic Red Sox fan.