Andrew Garfield on Jake Paul and the ruinous capability of web-based media

 Andrew Garfield on Jake Paul and the ruinous capability of web-based media 

In Standard, Andrew Garfield plays Connection, a road imp turned online media sweetheart who, practically overnight, sets the computerized world ablaze with his anarchic appeal. It's an intriguing job for Garfield who quite shuns online media himself, yet perhaps that bodes well: The film is, partially, about web-based media's capacity to enhance our own most noticeably awful considerations about ourselves, yet the most noticeably terrible parts about mankind all in all.

Garfield is also joined by a number of social media hot shots for a scene in the movie, in which his character goes apeshit on a panel show for YouTube celebrities. As he tells us in the interview above, the YouTubers, like Jake Paul and Patrick Starrr, only knew part of the scene and were truly shocked with where Garfield’s Link went in his confrontation with the show’s host, played by Johnny Knoxville. Their reactions, like Paul filming the confrontation on his phone, were based in reality, making Mainstream that much more meta.

All that and Garfield’s thoughts on the film’s gritty and sometimes seedy Hollywood setting can be found in the video above.


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