Bob Dylan: 80 things you may not think about him on his 80th birthday celebration

 Bob Dylan imparts a birthday to previous Manchester Joined player and entertainer Eric Cantona 

"I was such a ton more established at that point/I'm more youthful than that at this point." 

Sway Dylan sang those astute words at the youthful age of 23, following right after him My Last Pages. 

As he arrives at his 80th birthday celebration on Monday, we've chosen to disregard the counsel of the well known Dylan narrative Don't Think Back and commend the life and profession of the US vocalist lyricist. 

Be cautioned however before we begin, this rundown is probably just about as long and comprehensive as a portion of the sections on his last collection... 

Sway Dylan isn't his conceived an offspring name. Yet, you definitely realized that, correct? So here are 79 additional realities about the craftsman once known as Robert Allen Zimmerman. 

2. He has sold in excess of 125 million collections all throughout the planet. 

3. Regardless of his prosperity and social effect, Dylan has never had a main single in the UK or US. For setting, Mr Blobby, Insane Frog and Las Ketchup have all beaten out everyone else. 

4. A survey of artists, essayists and scholastics, led on Dylan's 70th birthday celebration, discovered his best tune to be 1965 Resembles a Drifter, which the artist once said was his generally legit and direct work. "After that I wasn't keen on composing a novel or a play," he said. "I realized I needed to compose tunes since it was only a totally different classification." 

Bruce Springsteen said the track, with its initial catch kick, seemed like "someone kicked make the way for your psyche". While another high-profile fan, U2's Bono, called it "a bruised eye of a pop tune" 

. At the point when gotten some information about, in a 1966 meeting with Playboy magazine, Dylan joked: "Some are around four minutes, some are around five, and a few, in all honesty, are around eleven or twelve." 

7. Shockingly to many, the nonconformity symbol didn't play at the 1969 Woodstock celebration. Dylan was a Woodstock inhabitant at that point (the celebration was really around 40 miles away) however he improved offer - £35,000 to feature the Isle of Wight celebration all things considered, with The Beatles watching on. 

8. Talking about The Fab Four... Dylan was the primary man to acquaint the band with maryjane, Sir Paul McCartney as of late uncovered to Whole. 'We as a whole ran into the reserved alcove going, 'Give us a piece!'" said Sir Macca. "So that was the absolute first evening we at any point got stoned!" 

A considerable lot of his tunes are more recognizable to standard crowds as cover variants. For instance Adele's adaptation of Cause You To feel My Affection, The Byrds' Mr Tambourine Man and Up and down The Lookout by Jimi Hendrix. "He played [my songs] the manner in which I would have done them on the off chance that I was him," he said of the late guitarist. Dylan himself has recorded fronts of Straight to the point Sinatra and Paul Simon tunes. 

Malibu occupant Dylan has 17 houses all throughout the planet as indicated by biographer Howard Sounes. One of them is purportedly in the Scottish High countries. 

11. The singer has won 10 Grammy grants, including three for his 1997 collection Time immemorial, which numerous pundits viewed as a re-visitation of structure after a long imaginative droop 

He was naturally introduced to a Jewish family in Duluth, Minnesota, prior to moving upstate to Hibbing. 

13. Country artist Hank Williams, and bluesmen Sloppy Waters and John Lee Prostitute were among his melodic legends growing up, alongside the ruler of rowdy 'Elvis Presley. The Dissident Without a Reason James Dignitary was his celluloid saint. 

14. Dylan saw Pal Holly play live locally only a couple days before he passed on in a plane accident. 

15. As a young person he played piano and guitar in a few day camp/secondary school groups. Their names incorporated The Jokers, The Shadow Blasters, The Brilliant Harmonies and (our undisputed top choice) The Stone Boppers. 

He wrote in his secondary school year book that it was his desire "to join Little Richard". 

17. Filling in as table attendant in a Fargo café, subsequent to completing secondary school, stays the solitary typical occupation Dylan has at any point done. Yet, in another life he'd prefer to have been a fighter. In his 2004 journal Annals he composed he'd generally imagined himself "biting the dust in some courageous fight as opposed to a bed". 

18. In the wake of moving to Minneapolis to contemplate he directed his concentration toward people music, trading his electric guitar for an acoustic, which he played in bistros around the city's bohemian Dinkytown region. 

19. He turned out to be completely charmed by US society artists like Odetta and Woody Guthrie, who he would later visit in a mental medical clinic in New Jersey and play his own tunes to him. 

His first unique piece of any note was called Tune for Woody, and he even started to sing and talk like the Oklahoma vocalist. 

Guthrie offered Dylan his reserve of unused verses however his young child Arlo couldn't discover them when Dylan came thumping. Right around 40 years after the fact, the verses were put to music by Essex folksinger Billy Bragg and Chicago band Wilco. 

22. In his book, Dylan uncovered that beside Guthrie and Irish people bunch The Clancy Siblings, the greatest impacts on his songwriting were blues legend Robert Johnson and Privateer Jenny - a melody from the Brecht/Weill play The Threepenny Show. 

Having momentarily worked under the name Elston Gunn, incorporating while at the same time playing in Bobby Vee's band, Dylan at that point chose his now celebrated moniker - a gesture to the Welsh writer Dylan Thomas. 

24. Dylan was a college quitter. He never completed his Human Sciences certificate at the College of Minnesota. 

25. He read works by French symbolist artists like Arthur Rimbaud and American beat essayists like Jack Kerouac. The Out and about author's unconstrained style "punctured my head", Dylan once commented. 

He moved to New York in 1961, to pursue his fantasy about turning into a major music star. 

27. He would routinely perform at settings in Greenwich Town like Bistro Wha? furthermore, The Gaslight Bistro, where entertainers would pass around a crate toward the finish of each set and desire to be paid. Dylan once said he would get a dollar and a cheeseburger to play his harmonica the entire evening close by another vocalist in the town. 

28. Following nine months in NYC he protected an arrangement with Colombia Records, taking care of the organization's PR leaders "unadulterated hokum", as he later put it. 

His first outing abroad elaborate an eight-week stay in a freezing cold London in the colder time of year of 1962/63, where he learned conventional English society melodies like Scarborough Reasonable, and (for authoritative reasons) cut a LP under the alias Kid Snort. 

30. Right off the bat in his vocation, he would make up stories about his experience, telling writers and radio moderators that he was a vagrant, from New Mexico and that he used to go with a festival.