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We are interested in sports and political world news and the latest celebrity news. We ask you to follow us so that the news is sealed first, Powell




... Courtney Acknowledges, Yet Tosses a Little Shade 

Courtney tells TMZ ... "I acknowledge her expression of remorse and excuse her. In any case, reality stays as before, I have never heard from her or her camp in private. Indeed, she hindered me on Twitter." 

Courtney adds ... "Every last bit of me needs to accept this is an earnest statement of regret, however it seems like a public endeavor to save her associations with Target and different brands who are understanding her 'wokeness' is a wrecked record." 

Chrissy Teigen is taking ownership of her past harmful conduct toward Courtney Stodden - openly saying 'sorry' for quite a long time of internet tormenting, and promising to be better. 

Chrissy, who's back on Twitter once more, given a genuine mea culpa on the stage Wednesday ... this, after Courtney uncovered Chrissy used to DM once upon a time advising Courtney to off themselves, and that was on top of her appalling public tweets. 

Chrissy presently says ... "Not a many individuals are adequately fortunate to be considered responsible for all their past bulls**t before the whole world. I'm embarrassed and dismal at who I used to be. I was a shaky, consideration looking for savage. I'm embarrassed and totally humiliated at my conduct." 

She adds that as awful as she feels presently, it's nothing contrasted with how she must've caused Courtney to feel every one of those years. 

Chrissy proceeds to clarify that she's had a go at associating with Courtney secretly, however without any result ... so she says, "I'm so grieved, Courtney. I trust you can recuperate now realizing how profoundly sorry I am." 

It's intriguing, CT closes her statement of regret by additionally saying sorry to her fans - for allowing them to down - so she's considering every contingency here. 

You'll review, Courtney disclosed to us they considered Chrissy a wolf in sheep's clothing when she enjoyed a reprieve from Twitter due to all the pessimism ... saying that didn't appear to trouble her every one of those years prior when she was hopping down Courtney's advanced throat. 

Chrissy didn't react in those days, yet it would seem that Courtney's most recent token of the maltreatment was an excessive amount to disregard.


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