Game Of Seats" Entertainer Hannah Waddingham Says Recording That Torment Scene Was The Most exceedingly terrible Day Of Her Life


Other than labor, it was the most noticeably awful day of my life." 

Game of Seats was verifiably an exceptional show to watch. 

Also, evidently, to film too. Entertainer Hannah Waddingham, who played Unella, one of the Septa of the Confidence of Seven that served under the High Sparrow — we'll give you a sec to invigorate your memory — reviewed a specific scene she needed to film that transformed into "the most exceedingly awful day of [her] life." 

In the season six finale of the show, Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, seeks retribution on Unella for already disgracing her during the notorious stroll of compensation scene. 

Cersei, when she's liberated, at that point torments Unella by waterboarding her. 

Hannah got refreshes about the scene as she was en route to film, one of which being she was presently needed to wear a wetsuit. 

I was, lashed to a wooden table with legitimate huge ties for ten hours. Other than labor, it was the most exceedingly awful day of my life. Lena was awkward pouring fluid all over for that long and I was close to myself." 

In those minutes you need to think 'Do you serve the harmony and continue ahead with it?' Or do you back down and go, no, this isn't what I pursued." 

I had no voice at all to scarcely murmur, wounds previously coming up like I'd been assaulted. I resembled, 'I've fundamentally quite recently been waterboarded for ten hours.'" 

Furthermore, his reaction? 

"Mate, I've quite recently been slithering through crap for four days on my elbows. You haven't been in Round of Seats except if you've been extremely battered around."