How Courtney Stodden and life partner Chris Sheng went through day of proposition


Courtney Stodden and Chris Sheng started off their essential Commemoration Day weekend hanging out poolside, new photographs uncover. 

In the select pics got by Page Six, the cheerful couple stuffed on the PDA at the pool only hours before they got connected with on Friday. 

Sheng, 41, is seen blazing a major grin in one of the shots, and hanging over to kiss his destined to-be life partner in another. 

He was captured wearing a palm print speedo that exhibited his fit constitution, while Stodden, 26, likewise left little to the creative mind. 

The model, who is non-twofold and utilizes they/them pronouns, decided on a little lilac two-piece that displayed their bends. They combined the scarcely there bathing suit with strappy tan heels, however took them off to go for a plunge and parlor on a monster elastic duck pool floatie. 

Stodden and Sheng seemed stricken with each other that day, and the truth star didn't appear to realize what might anticipate them only a couple hours after the fact. 

In one of the shots, their left hand is recognizably missing the goliath sparkler that currently covers it. 

On Sunday — after the proposition — they spouted to aficionados of their huge stone, "The ring made me gag it's so delightful." 

The television character was likely found napping when Sheng brought up marriage, since the business visionary shared on Instagram that the commitment was "not how I arranged but rather the second was correct