Janet Mock Goes Off on Industry in Searing 'Posture' Debut Discourse: 'F*ck Hollywood

 Janet Mock Goes Off on Industry in Searing 'Posture' Debut Discourse: 'F*ck Hollywood

The weighty FX dramatization "Posture" appeared its third and last season at an in-person debut in New York at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Thursday. Yet, while feelings over the assembly hall arrangement's last bow will undoubtedly be inescapable, what wasn't generally anticipated was a rankling discourse from leader maker and chief Janet Mock, who shouted out on the business, and her own show, during a long takedown that left participants paralyzed. (Through Page Six.)

During the 15-minute speech, she complained about how much the network is paying her, demanded better treatment for the trans community, shouted ‘F-ck Hollywood,’ revealed that she’d slept with someone in the show’s crew, asked her ‘Pose’ actor boyfriend not to leave her over the infidelity, decried the quality of the writing on the show, and had a brief conversation with co-creator and Hollywood mogul Ryan Murphy from the stage,” the story reads.

Early on in her speech, Mock wondered aloud, “Why am I making $40,000 an episode? Huh?” adding “I am angry!” in reference to wanting higher pay and more executive-level perks.


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