Kylie Jenner Denies Guarantee She Harassed Tyga's Music Video Co-Star


Model Victoria Vanna blamed Kylie Jenner for "murmuring and pointing and making fun" of her on the arrangement of Tyga's 2015 music video for "Frozen yogurt Man." Kylie said the situation won't ever occur. 

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Kylie Jenner is closing down a charge that she harassed one of Tyga's co-stars six years prior. 

Seven days prior, model Victoria Vanna posted a TikTok video denouncing Kylie and her companions—Stassie Karanikolaou and Jordyn Woods—of ridiculing her moving abilities on the arrangement of Tyga's "Frozen yogurt Man" music video, which dropped in October 2015. 

The Shade Room shared the video on Instagram on Thursday, May 27, and Kylie was quick to address the case. The beautifying agents investor put any misinformation to rest by remarking, ".. this won't ever occur." 

Victoria's unique video was subtitled, "being a model isn't generally pretty much as fun as it appears particularly around celebs." She composed on screen, "The time I did robes music video and Kylie Jenner was on set harassing me w her companions." 

in the clasp, she depicted how Kylie, who dated Tyga until 2017, was on set while the rapper was shooting the music video. 

"When I left, she was finding me and down murmuring and pointing and ridiculing, similar to, how I was moving," Victoria reviewed. "They were all ridiculing me, obviously." 

I'm in a real sense all out crying," she kept, clarifying that she went outside for natural air. In another TikTok video on Wednesday, May 26, she guaranteed that Kylie, Stassie, Jordyn and another buddy at that point went into the parking garage and got within a white Moves Royce. 

They were all in there, eating McDonald's, and afterward I resembled strolling by and I could simply hear them… They're in a real sense actually discussing me," she affirmed. "I felt my face get hot, on the grounds that I resembled eager to meet her, and I just felt tormented for reasons unknown. What's more, I truly was eager to such an extent that she was even there." 

She said she chose to share the allegation now, a long time later, "in light of the fact that I truly don't give a s- - t," calling it "simply an amusing encounter." 

It appears to be the Instagram influencer has no malevolence toward the Staying aware of the Kardashian star, who was 18 years of age when the video was delivered. She reflected, "not the slightest bit am I distraught or saying this is who she actually is, yet this is exactly what befallen me. Simply don't menace individuals." 

In July 2017, Tyga stood up against his split with Kylie. "I have love for her, yet I'm not in affection no more," the artist said on Force 105.1 The Morning meal Club. "At the point when you're with anyone that first year, it's enchantment and afterward after that you begin understanding a lot of s- - t. I think the primary concern was a many individuals—a great deal of outside impacts."