Lana Del Rey Deliveries 3 New Melodies: Tune in Blue Railings


"Course reading" and "Wildflower Rapidly spreading fire" are "buzz tracks" in front of Del Rey's next collection 

Lana Del Rey has delivered three new melodies: "Blue Balustrades," "Reading material" and "Wildflower Out of control fire." A public statement calls them "buzz tracks fully expecting her impending eighth studio collection." Tune in underneath. 

Lana Del Rey co-stated "Blue Balustrades" and "Course reading" with Gabriel Edward Simon, who created the previous and co-delivered the last with Zachary Dawes. Del Rey co-expressed "Wildflower Out of control fire" with noticeable Kanye West partner Mike Senior member, who likewise delivered the tune. 

Strikingly, back in 2018 and '19, Lana Del Rey alluded to her possible Norman Screwing Rockwell! tunes "Sailors Apartment building," "Venice Bitch," and "expectation is something hazardous for a lady like me to have - however I have it" as "fan tracks." 

Since delivering Chemtrails Over the Nation Club in Spring, Lana Del Rey has prodded the potential collections Rock Treats Sweet and Blue Handrails.