Lilly Singh takes the leap toward Netflix as NBC closes Somewhat Late


Some large purges in the realm of late-night parody—and, much more explicitly, the universe of late-night entertainer Lilly Singh—today, as Cutoff time reports that Singh's NBC arrangement Somewhat Late has now been dropped at the organization. It's not all pessimism, however: Singh is allegedly effectively on her way to a likely organization/decoration jump, as it's likewise being accounted for that she and Kenya Barris are narrowing in on an arrangement for another show at Netflix.

A Little Late operated for two seasons at NBC, filling the 1:30 a.m. timeslot that was occupied once upon a time by Carson Daly. NBC is now apparently abandoning that spot on its schedule for good, though, on the logic that, as it turns out, not many people are watching TV at 1:30 in the morning. Singh was notable for being the only woman hosting a late-night talk show on any of the major networks, even if that operated under a definition of “late night” that would be more accurately described as “early morning.” Her series, like most of the evening talk shows, was affected pretty heavily by the COVID-19 shutdowns, taking a long gap in between seasons and swapping out the studio for a more formal arrangement. Now, A Little Late will air its final episode on June 3.

But! News has also broken that Singh has been attached to star in a new show at Netflix, created by Barris, who made his own (very lucrative) move from network to streaming a couple of years back. Singh issued a statement about her future plans earlier today:


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