Model Tess Holliday says 'the disdain has been overpowering' in the wake of reporting she has anorexia. Why?

 Model Tess Holliday says 'the disdain has been overpowering' in the wake of reporting she has anorexia. Why? 

Hefty measured model Tess Holliday's anorexia nervosa analysis has encouraged incredulity and fat fear that specialists say adds to a grave misconception of scattered eating. 

"I'm anorexic and in recuperation. I'm not afraid to say it for all to hear any longer," Holliday tweeted on May 1. "I'm the aftereffect of a culture that commends slimness and likens that to worth, however I will compose my own story now. I'm at long last ready to really focus on a body that I've rebuffed as long as I can remember and I'm at long last free."

Many of Holliday's 92k Twitter followers thanked her for opening up. "It's so important that people know that anyone of any shape or size can have anorexia," one tweeted. Another wrote, "The narrative around [eating disorders] needs to be widened to include people of all sizes."

But many would not accept the idea. "Anorexic???? I think you mean body dysmorphia..." tweeted a user. "Someone that weight is not anorexic," one added. "It's actually insulting to people who are starving themselves to death." And: "She's the opposite of anorexic."

On Thursday, Holliday, 35, told Good Morning America that even she had struggled to accept the diagnosis. "I always thought that I overate,” she said. “But then, people in my life would say, ‘Oh yeah, I ate more than Tess’ and it was almost like I wore it as a badge of honor.”  

“I’ve had a lot of messages from folks that are anorexic that are livid and angry because they feel like I’m lying,” she added. “I am plus size, but advocating for diversity and larger bodies, and so I think for people hearing me say I’m anorexic was really jarring and hard and confusing.” Holliday's body-positive activism is seen in both her modeling work and her 

#EffYourBeautyStandards initiative, which celebrates diversity in social media photos.
On Thursday, Holliday addressed the public reaction to her news. "The last few days have been some of my toughest to date since becoming a public figure," she wrote on Instagram. "The hate has been overwhelming, but the messages from those of you that felt seen, validated, & loved far outweigh the critics."

Holliday did not share any details of her eating disorder with the public. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), anorexia is characterized by weight loss, generally from restricting calories, or behaviors such as compulsive exercise, binging or purging food or taking laxatives, often motivated by a heightened fear of weight gain, despite low body weight. While another diagnosis, 
atypical anorexia, meets the criteria of traditional anorexia, except for low body weight. "Atypical anorexia is anorexia, but with weight stigma," Chelsea Kronengold, a spokesperson for NEDA, explains to Yahoo Life. 


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