Olivia Rodrigo's 'Acrid' demonstrates she's more than just 'Drivers Permit'


Is there more to Olivia Rodrigo than "Drivers Permit"? 

The "Secondary School Melodic: The Melodic: The Arrangement" star came out terminating on all chambers with her introduction single, the No. 1 hit "Drivers Permit." The online media show tune of 2021 was reputed to be about her being on the losing side of an affection triangle with her co-star Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Woodworker — supposedly "that light young lady who consistently made me question." 

That is to say, when "Saturday Night Live" does a whole production about your separation anthem — which is the thing that happened when "Bridgerton" stud Regé-Jean Page facilitated the show in February — you have undoubtedly arrived at pop-social mass. 

However, when you begin with such a raving success, you may feel that the best way to go would be down for Rodrigo. 

Would you be able to say one-hit wonder? 

Nonetheless, the 18-year-old pop divette — who carefully took as much time as necessary between delivering "Drivers Permit" in January and dropping her presentation collection "Sharp," out now — is the genuine article. Numerous fans appear to concur, calling the record "relatable" and "fire" and "an embrace from a friend or family member." 

Think a Billie Eilish for more essential young ladies. 

Here are five features that demonstrate the "Drivers Permit" vocalist has a long way to go in her vocation. 

The initial track is a guitar-energized rave, with Rodrigo giving you access on every last bit of her teen anxiety: "I'm so uncertain/I feel that I'll pass on before I drink/And I'm so up to speed in the news/Of who likes me and who abhors you." 

Perhaps the most Eilish-esque tracks on "Acrid," this cranky second plays like a "Drivers Permit" continuation, with a down and out Rodrigo throbbing in the desired manners. 

This piano number is the best of despairing, with Rodrigo catching exactly how it feels to be your normal 18-year-old young lady instead of the star that she is. 

While Rodrigo is in mooched out mode for quite a bit of "Acrid," it's great to hear her set free here like a troublemaker pop princess with Avril-like disposition.