Paris Hilton Says She Never Wore a 'Quit Being Poor' Shirt

 Paris Hilton Says She Never Wore a 'Quit Being Poor' Shirt 

Paris Hilton says she never wore a "Quit being poor" tank top and truly, shouldn't something be said about her way of life might lead people in general to accept something like this? 

Indeed, even the beneficiary herself appeared to be somewhat interested as she exposed the Photoshopped image in another TikTok. 

"Thus, there's this photograph online of me, I'm certain you've seen it," she says. "I never wore that shirt. This is totally Photoshopped. Everybody believes it's genuine, yet that is not reality." The shirt really said "Quit being frantic," which, in spite of harming something similar, is less hostile.

Stop being desperate,” which, despite hurting the same, is less offensive. She paired the tank top with a pink maxi skirt for the launch of her sister, Nicky Hilton’s, clothing line in Las Vegas in 2005. “Don’t believe everything you read,” Hilton finished. On behalf of the 99 percent, the Photoshopped version will remain in the meme canon on the basis that it’s cool as hell. “I’m poor and would absolutely wear that shirt,” one 
commenter wrote. “Can’t pay for it, obvi, but if I could I would.” Some of us are rich in taste.


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