Tallulah Willis 'rebuffed' herself for not looking more like mother Demi Moore


Tallulah Willis uncovered that she battled with the way that she looked more like her dad, Bruce Willis, than her mom, Demi Moore. 

Tallulah Willis says she used to "detest" her likeness to her celebrity father, Bruce Willis. 

"I rebuffed myself for not appearing as though my mother, in the wake of being told I was [my dad's] twin since birth," the 27-year-old model little girl of Demi Moore composed via online media while talking about her fight with body dysmorphia. "I disliked the similarity as I accepted entirely my 'manly' face was the sole justification my unlovability." 

This isn't the first run through Willis has opened up about the significance of really focusing on one's own psychological wellness. 

In August 2020, the growing architect opened up about the a wide range of ways style can be recuperating. 

"Regardless of whether it was a comfortable day, having that particular warm up pant or extraordinary shoe just raised my temperament marginally," Willis clarified. "In the event that I could force myself to push past the craving to simply ruminate in my torment and toss on a 'look,' I felt more secured going out on the planet."