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At 51, Sovereign Latifah to Get Lifetime Accomplishment Grant at 2021 BET Grants


Sovereign Latifah is 51 - midlife, maybe, yet scarcely the age when you hope to begin getting lifetime accomplishment grants. But, that is exactly shouldn't something be said about's to happen to the flexible entertainer. BET declared Monday (June 14) that Latifah will get a lifetime accomplishment grant at the current year's Wagered Grants on June 27. 

She'll be the third-most youthful independent craftsman to get the honor. The most youthful was Whitney Houston, who was only 37 when she was regarded at the principal BET Grants in 2001. Second-most youthful was Mary J. Blige, who was 48 when she got the honor two years prior. 

While 37 might be terribly youthful to get a lifetime accomplishment grant, it is ideal Wagered perceived Houston while she was still here to accept her blossoms, to utilize an as of now famous articulation. Houston passed on startlingly in 2012 at age 48. 

Sovereign was likewise on the youthful side when he got a lifetime accomplishment grant from BET. He was 52 when he got the honor in 2010. He too passed on suddenly in 2016 at age 57. 

Neither Houston nor Ruler has yet gotten a lifetime accomplishment grant from the Account Foundation (however those honors are once in a while introduced post mortem, so either may in any case get it). Ruler lived to see his enlistment in the Rowdy Corridor of Popularity (in 2004). Houston didn't live to see her Stone Lobby acceptance (in 2020). 

The most seasoned independent craftsman to get a lifetime accomplishment grant at the BET Grants was Smokey Robinson, who was 75 when he got the honor in 2015. Second-most seasoned was James Earthy colored, who was 70 when he was respected in 2003. 

Patti LaBelle and Samuel L. Jackson were both 67 when they were regarded. Jackson is the lone non-music star to be regarded. He was respected around the same time that Sovereign passed on, and the show incorporated numerous accolades for Ruler. No music craftsman needed to – or could – contend with that, so the show picked a film star all things considered. 

Here's a rundown of specialists who have gotten lifetime accomplishment grants from the BET. On account of solo craftsmen, their ages when they got the honor are appeared in enclosures.

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