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Chick-fil-A worker uncovers their most strange asserted client demands: 'What's the significance here?'


A Chick-fil-A representative is becoming a web sensation in the wake of sharing a portion of their most odd affirmed food orders.

The video was posted on TikTok by a supposed Chick-fil-A worker with the client name @etherealloverboy. In the clasp,  peruses a few strange and befuddling orders — including one from a client who supposedly needed "macintosh and cheddar with a straw." 

On TikTok, odd inexpensive food orders are the same old thing. Representatives recently imparted their encounters to requesting supporters, including a Taco Chime trick turned out badly and a Metro client who needed their sandwich "overflowing" with sauce. In the interim, clients have likewise shot their own endeavors to arrange monstrous Chipotle burritos and "consumed" Metro sandwiches. 

The clasp from @etherealloverboy is somewhat unique. The Tiktok Ear's video opens with a mass of supposed Chick-fil-A request marks, a significant number of which are truly essential or outrageous. 

The clasp from @etherealloverboy is somewhat extraordinary. The TikToker's video opens with a mass of supposed Chick-fil-A request names, a significant number of which are truly paramount or outrageous. 

Among a portion of the unusual affirmed orders is a chicken sandwich cooked "medium uncommon" like a burger and barbecued chicken tenders with "no salt." One client purportedly even requested a Cobb salad with "no grapes," notwithstanding the way that the thing doesn't highlight any grapes whatsoever. 

TikTok clients were both engaged and befuddled by @etherealloverboy's clasp. 

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This is the best thing I've at any point seen," one client composed. 

"Is no one discussing the warning with 'irate with organic product cup?' What does that mean?" another inquired. 

"My bad dream is winding up on one of these," another kidded. 

Other Tiktok Ears utilized the chance to share their own supposedly weird encounters taking cheap food orders. 

"I work at Five People," one client composed. "Had somebody send in a Door Dash request demand for us to fill a customary soft drink cup with chocolate syrup… better believe it, that didn't occur." 

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