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Bebe Rexha accepts each of the 165 pounds of herself


Bebe Rexha is utilizing all of herself to advance body inspiration. 

The artist posted a video of herself wearing what gave off an impression of being blue unmentionables while the 2018 Nicki Minaj melody "Great Structure" played on Rexha's confirmed TikTok account. 

What amount do you think I gauge?," moves quickly over the screen while Rexha flaunts her bends. "Nobody's business." 

She then, at that point recognizes that she is a cutie, notwithstanding, before the sentence "However we should standardize 165 lbs" shows up. 

It's not the first run through the 31-year-old craftsman has accepted her figure. In November she posted a video of herself in a one-piece swimsuit on her Instagram story subsequent to spotting what she viewed as unflattering paparazzi photographs of herself. 

Rexha flaunted her stretch imprints and cellulite in the video. 

I'm attempting to be sound and regard what God gave me," Individuals announced her as saying. "What's more, I like to eat and I additionally take medication that makes it truly difficult for me to shed pounds."

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