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Dark Widow Has Kevin Feige Advertised for the Eventual fate of the MCU


Maker and Leader of Wonder Studios, Kevin Feige and chief Cate Shortland, are advertised for Dark Widow, which happens between Commander America: Common Conflict and Justice fighters: Boundlessness War. To get the full extent of the film, read Germain Lussier's audit. 

At the Dark Widow debut fan occasion in Los Angeles, Feige talked with ETonline about Scarlett Johannson and Natasha Romanoff's takeoff from the MCU and what he's looking like forward to entertainer Florence Pugh making another inheritance as Yelena Romanov. 

"Wonder is consistently about fresh starts, and Scarlett Johansson is a particularly astonishing accomplice for us," he said. "She was a maker on this film. She was the one that presented to us our astonishing chief, Cate Shortland, and I'm eager to keep working with her in any capacity conceivable in case we're so fortunate." 

In Dark Widow, fans experience Natasha and who she was before the Justice fighters and address her set of experiences as a Red Room prepared professional killer and spy. Feigh clarifies, "It was imperative to Scarlett that she needed to make another outfit for this film, to illuminate individuals about Natasha's past, about her starting points. Also, that implied another family that we hadn't seen previously." 

Since Natasha and Johansson are gone, it's an ideal opportunity to prepare for a potential Widow substitution in Natasha's sister-figure and individual Red Room professional killer, Yelena Belova. 

Yelena is a person we've needed to bring into the universe for some, numerous years," Feige shared. "Furthermore, Florence Pugh is a particularly fabulous entertainer. Before long we recruited her, she was named for an Institute Grant [for 2019's Little Women]." 

As you probably are aware, Feige loves projecting Oscar chosen people and champs, so Pugh was an ideal possibility to bring into the MCU family. "I can hardly wait for individuals to see it," the maker shared of Pugh's presentation. "The scenes among [her] and Scarlett in this film, that exchange, and that new relationship, lifts the two of them and the whole MCU." 

How invigorated would you say you are to at long last see Dark Widow? You can get the film in theaters and on Disney+ starting July 9! 

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