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Iggy Azalea blamed for 'black fishing' in new music video, 'I'm The Strip Club'


Iggy Azalea's most recent music video has the web blaming her for black fishing. 

After the video for "I'm The Strip Club" dropped on the web, watchers saw something off about the 31-year-gold's appearance — explicitly her skin tone. Azalea, who ordinarily has light hair and is normally very lighter looking, looked more obscure from head to toe. The look included long, smooth, straight dark hair. 

Obviously, the reaction via web-based media to Azalea's purportedly more obscure look was not a decent one. It was a tweet from the dress brand, boohoo, showing Azalea's music video look and guaranteeing that she was "serving" that truly sent individuals. 

Serving what? Allotment and earthy colored face?" one Twitter client reacted. "Blackfish. That is the thing that she's serving," another composed. 

The expression "blackfish" recommends a non-POC is endeavoring to look or behave like somebody of Dark or Middle Easterner drop. 

One watcher said, "However it just so happens she's mirroring a dark female tasteful encompassed by a lot of individuals of color behind the scenes." 

This will not shock anyone, however Azalea's fans tend to disagree. Many case the "lighting" is to be faulted for Azalea's appearance. One fan specifically proposed Azalea has simply "gotten more obscure" throughout the years from things like "tanning." 

The "Extravagant" rapper reacted to pundits by calling their cases "absurd and unjustifiable," adding that she's utilized similar shade of establishment throughout the previous three years. 

I can't think often about something that silly and outlandish. I'm wearing a shade 6 in arm arni establishment, it's a similar shade I've worn throughout the previous 3 years," she tweeted 

It's a similar shade in each music video since sally Walker. Out of nowhere I wear a dark hairpiece in a club scene and its an issue." 

Sadly for the Aussie local, this isn't the first run through she's consumed the web with discussion. 

Back in 2015, Iza Leave delivered an expression of remorse online after a columnist found she had a few home phobic tweets from her pre-acclaim days. 

In 2017, Azalea was called out for "social wrongdoings," as named by the Day by day Monster

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