New Music Friday: The Main 6 Collections Out On July 9


West Coast Rapper Vince Staples has never shied from sharing subtleties and stories from his life coming up in and around Long Sea shore, Calif. Be that as it may, on his most recent, self-named collection, he uncovers a greater amount of what's in his heart and at the forefront of his thoughts than at any other time, with striking and close tunes about youth dreams, his family, the scars he conveys with him and then some. On the current week's scene, we hear a touch of the collection and talk about the manners in which Staples is reconsidering his life. 

We've additionally got a heart-siphoning roller coaster from the Brooklyn-based Attacca Group of four, an exquisite new collection from R&B vocalist Snoh Aalegra, Half Starving stray and the sky is the limit from there. Supporter Christina Lee joins NPR Music's Lars Gotrich, Tom Huizenga, Sidney Anger and Alex Ramos, alongside have Robin Hilton as they share their picks for the best new collections out on July 9. 

Vince Staples — Vince Staples 

Highlighted Melody: "Would you say you are With That?" 

Attacca Group of four — Reality 

Highlighted Melodies: "Reality" and "Floating Circles" 

Snoh Aalegra — Transitory Highs in the Violet Skies 

Highlighted Tunes: "Tangerine Dream" and "Uncertain" 

Half Starving stray — Mythopoetics 

Highlighted Tune: "Pony Dashing" 

The Thug Sax — Mirror II 

Highlighted Melody: "In The Stone" 

Les Filles de Illighadad — At Pioneer Works 

Highlighted Melody: "Eghaas Malan"


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