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Petrov's Influenza" (dir. Kirill Serebrennikov)


Kirill Serebrennikov takes us on a 24-hour visit through Yekaterinburg on New Year's Eve that is less "Ulysses"- of-the-Urals and more like hopping into a Hieronymus Bosch painting of post-Soviet Russia. 

Our accidental aide is Petrov (Semyon Serzin), a comic book craftsman whose episode of influenza sends watchers into a spiral. He's hot, the city's febrile, and occasions - genuine and envisioned - impact. From a jam-packed transport to a public execution and afterward into the rear of a taken funeral car, we ride with the hero along the underside of society, meeting an outfit of characters painted in conceals crazy, odd and pitiable 

Petrov's custodian spouse Petrova (Chulpan Khamatova) isn't faring much better, with a deadly streak that could be truth or fiction. Honestly, it's difficult to tell. In the mean time, their child's temperature is crawling up. 

In view of Alexey Salnikov's epic "The Petrovs In and Around Seasonal influenza," Serebrennikov's transformation is Dostoevsky perused a kaleidoscope. Characters, scenes and sets breakdown in on each other - once in a while in a real sense - and sometimes in silly long accepts that bewilder however much they flabbergast. It's film as dreamlike, tenacious scene, reviewing Leos Carax's "Sacred Engines" and Aleksei German's "Difficult to be a Divine being," yet entirely Serebrennikov's own furrow: angrily creative, brutish now and again, suddenly delicate at others. 

The Russian chief, banned from leaving the nation to go to the celebration, introduces a nostalgic origin story that dovetails with the remainder of the account just in the end arranges. Characters retreat into dream, yet additionally the past. It proposes a longing - notwithstanding the past, then, at that point possibly for easier occasions or ones when the decay was less inescapable. The film's pronouncement might be muddled, yet its determination is all the more so: a city and its kin are wiped out

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