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The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie were spotted out to supper together


Today in Conceivable Hollywood Force Couple Ready that nobody saw coming: Canadian pop whiz The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie were spotted out to supper together at a heartfelt Italian café in LA. We're going to require a moment here on the grounds that we're dazed by the lights. 

The Weeknd (genuine name Abel Tesfaye) met the Mr and Mrs Smith star at enchanting Los Angeles date spot Giorgio Baldi where the two supposedly ate together for a few hours prior to leaving independently so as not to raise doubts. Ummm, past the point of no return for that, both of you! 

In spite of the fact that we would send a few 100 percent (would we be able to call them Abelina?), a source reveals to Page Six that their supper was reasonable business-related. "They're unmistakably making an effort not to cover up [the supper date]. He's certainly centered around getting to the film business. He has the new HBO series he's featuring in." 

As they left the eatery and got into their own different vehicles, they disregarded inquiries from the paps like, "New couple caution?" and "Would you say you are and Angie dating?" 

The supper comes only a couple a long time after Angie was spotted chatting with her ex Jonny Lee Mill operator in New York City. Jolie and Jonny co-featured together in 1995's Programmers, prior to wedding in 1996. They at last separated in 1999 however remained companions. She then, at that point proceeded to wed Billy Bounce Thornton 2000, and Brad Pitt in 2014. Their 5-year authority fight over their six youngsters has overwhelmed the news recently, however Angelina has in every practical sense, stayed single during this time. 

The Weeknd broadly dated both model Bella Hadid and vocalist Selena Gomez lately. His super hit "Merciless" is reputed to be about his wild dating past with both of these ladies. 

To be perfectly honest, if the Angie and Abel end up being a thing, we are anticipating the Young lady, Interfered with Oscar-victor investing some energy in Scarborough. Angie, you are going to cherish Johnny's Burgers! 

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