ADELE Gatherings with BF Rich Paul ... FOR LEBRON'S WIFE'S 35TH BDAY Slam


As though it wasn't clear previously, Adele is authoritatively in LeBron's circle - in light of the fact that she was celebrating close by him, his NBA pals and his representative/her BF ... all to praise the Lord's significant other's bday. 

Savannah James hit the large 3-5 Friday night ... furthermore, she and her Lakers hotshot hubby hit the town for a slam that turned into a the who NBA - and of Hollywood everywhere, it appears, perceiving how Adele dropped in with Rich Paul ... whom she's dating right now. 

A clasp of her shaking out inside The Exemplary Feline café in WeHo - where the party was tossed - has surfaced ... furthermore, it appears as though Cardi's "WAP" was impacting through the speakers as Adele weaved to and fro. 

She and Rich gave staying under the radar a shot the exit plan - however paps got them getting into a holding up SUV. Adele endeavored to cloud her face, however the feline was outta the pack ... what's more, Rich didn't appear to mind whichever way as he closed up his shirt and confronted the blazing lights. 

On the off chance that ya figured this would be something speedy, reconsider ... since Adele and Rich have been pushing ahead for some time now - even before they opened up to the world recently, clearly. 

With respect to the remainder of the hoedown ... it was a rager and a half, with Savannah as the shining star. LeBron recorded his better half getting down on the dance floor, and she got significant love from pretty much everybody in participation. He even reserved vocalist Giveon to perform! 

Different players who appeared ... Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Russell Westbrook, Tristan Thompson, Carmelo Anthony - and many, some more. Needed to slide through for this one!


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