Angelina Jolie Joins Instagram, Offers Letter From Afghanistan Adolescent As First Post


Angelina Jolie has started her online media existence with a bang, as her first post has amassed 1,168,915 preferences and 3.7 million devotees in only nine hours. 

Jolie utilized her first post to cause to notice a letter she said she got from an adolescent young lady in Afghanistan. 

At the present time, individuals of Afghanistan are losing their capacity to impart via online media and to put themselves out there openly," Jolie said in the post inscription. "So I've come on Instagram to share their accounts and the voices of those across the globe who are battling for their essential basic liberties." 

The young lady, whose name was redacted, expounded on her feelings of dread that the arrival of the Taliban will end her school vocation, saying "we are completely detained once more." 

Jolie stars in the forthcoming Wonder film The Eternals, and related her time in half a month prior to the September 11 assaults. That is the point at which she said she initially met with exiles getting away from the Taliban's standard. 

It is nauseating to watch Afghans being uprooted once more out of the dread and vulnerability that has grasped their country," she composed. "To invest such a lot of energy and cash, to have carnage and lives lost uniquely to result in these present circumstances, is a disappointment practically difficult to comprehend." 

Jolie pledged not to dismiss her eyes from the misfortune unfurling at the Afghanistan air terminal and all through the country. 

"Like other people who are submitted, I won't dismiss. I will keep on searching for approaches to help. Furthermore, I trust you'll go along with me," Jolie said. 

Jolie's post got in excess of 25,000 preferences in less than 60 minutes. 

Jolie joins other individuals of note who are additionally revolting against the circumstance in Afghanistan.


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