Demi Lovato's Birthday Tune Is About Melon Cake, And Here's The reason It's Significant


To stamp the event, Demi delivered the music video for their tune "Melon Cake" — and the importance behind it is quite darn amazing. 

Along these lines, last year Demi talked about their dietary problem and the way that their previous group "controlled" them. This included colleagues natural product from them to prevent them from eating sugar: "In case I was in my lodging around evening time, they would remove the telephone from the lodging so I was unable to call room administration. Or then again in case there was organic product in my room, they took it out on the grounds that that is additional sugar. We're not discussing brownies and treats and confections and stuff like that; it was organic product." 

This stretched out to birthday events, when Demi would be given a watermelon with sans fat whipped cream on top as a "cake." Demi clarified, "For quite a long time I did that, and it sort of turned into this continuous joke, yet I super needed birthday cake." 

This experience framed the reason for the tune "Melon Cake" on Demi's Playing with fire collection: "And presently I'm sayin' no more melon cakеs on birthday events/No more blockades in entryways/At long last will do things as I would prefer." 

Demi shared a clasp from the vid on their Instagram, stating, "I'm here today and I'm glad you are as well." 

Additionally, Demi is looking quite sweet


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