Each DCEU Character Who Could Show up In The Dark Canary Film


Dark Canary's HBO Max film will star Flying predators Jurnee Smollett, however here are the other DCEU characters who might return for the film. 

A Dark Canary film featuring Jurnee Smollett is being developed, and here are the other DC Expanded Universe characters who could return. Crowds were acquainted with Smollett's form of Dinah Spear (also known as Dark Canary) in 2020's Flying predators (And the Fantabulous Liberation of One Harley Quinn). It was there that Dark Canary was highlighted as an individual from Dark Veil's pack prior to selling out him to turn into a saint utilizing her Canary Cry. 

Following Dark Canary's DCEU debut, she promptly turned into a fan-top choice among Flying predators extraordinary cast of characters. Fans started lobbying for her to get a HBO Max series presently. Warner Brothers. what's more, DC Movies heard those calls and addressed them by putting a HBO Max Dark Canary independent film featuring Smollett in early improvement for the real time feature. 

Smollett is getting back to star as Dinah Spear for the film, with Misha Green composing the content after previously working with Smollett on HBO's Lovecraft Country. Dark Canary doesn't as of now have a delivery date or chief appended however. 

Despite the fact that it is realized that Smollett will star in Dark Canary, the excess cast and characters is as yet a secret. The film will probably present some different characters from the funnies to the DCEU interestingly. In any case, Dark Canary is likewise an incredible open door for other DCEU characters to make a return. Regardless of whether that implies different Flying predators cast and characters or different saints and scoundrels from different properties, it's difficult to say. In any case, here are the DCEU characters who could return for Dark Canary. 

Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn could be among the most well known DCEU characters to return in Dark Canary. Following her own presentation in Self destruction Crew, WB and DC moved to give Harley a performance film, which transformed into Flying predators. Despite the fact that Harley has most as of late showed up in The Self destruction Crew, she as of now has connections to Dark Canary through the all-female group up. Harley's whereabouts after The Self destruction Crew are obscure, so she can spring up again decently effectively in Dark Canary regardless if the plot is incorporated to Gotham, Star City, or elsewhere. 


There is likewise a solid chance that Mary Elizabeth Winstead could return as Huntress (or Helena Bertinelli) in Dark Canary. The last enduring individual from the Bertinelli Family turned into a destructive vigilante in quest for vengeance on Dark Veil's posse for their job in killing her family. Before the finish of Flying predators however, Helena was working side 

the Flying predators group and were most recently seen battling wrongdoing together in Gotham. While Dark Canary could zero in on Dinah's solo superhuman vocation, the DCEU has effectively set up a continuous collaborate with Huntress. Fans adored Winstead's depiction of Huntress in Flying predators as well, so bringing her back in the Dark Canary side project would be a keen move. 

Renee Montoya

Discussing Huntress and Dark Canary's group, Rosie Perez's Renee Montoya was the group's third and last part before the finish of Flying predators. The previous Gotham City Police Office investigator quit the power when the film's credits rolled and went to vigilantism to get equity. Dark Canary will not be a genuine Flying predators group get-together without her. The HBO Max film could even show Montoya's change into the vigilante known as The Inquiry. She doesn't have any forces while she accepts the responsibility, yet it disguises her character from the miscreants they battle. 

Cassandra Cain

Dark Canary could likewise be a spot for Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco) to return to the DCEU. Fans were eager to hear that Cain would be in Flying predators since she in the end turns into her very own saint, accepting the Batgirl responsibility for quite a while in the wake of passing by the recognizable name of Vagrant. The DCEU didn't specify her professional killer childhood in her introduction appearance, yet there is space for that to in any case be uncovered. Dark Canary could be whe 

uncovered. Dark Canary could be the place where Cain takes on a greater job in battling wrongdoing as opposed to being a criminal. While she was most recently seen heading out with Harley, Cassandra would've wound up all alone once Harley was sent back to Team X. 


Assuming Dark Canary needs Batgirl to be included, then, at that point the film could likewise be a spot for Leslie Elegance to repeat her job as Barbara Gordon. The In the Statures star will make her DCEU debut as Barbara in a Batgirl film that will likewise be a HBO Max unique. Beauty returning for Dark Canary would be an extraordinary method to interface the two properties together and show the advancement of the Flying predators program. Batgirl is one of the principle individuals from the group in the funnies close by Dark Canary and 

Huntress. Since she was avoided with regard to Flying predators and the arrangement of the group, remembering Batgirl for Dark Canary can make her a player in the group pushing ahead. 

Commissioner Gordon

On the off chance that Batgirl shows up, Dark Canary could likewise be a spot for J.K. Simmons to play Chief Jim Gordon once more. He's just showed up in Equity Alliance up until now, however he'll supposedly return for Batgirl as well. This ought to set Simmons as the Jim Gordon of the DCEU pushing ahead. 

Since Dark Canary could be set in Gotham for the whole film or if nothing else parts of it, it would be simple for Gordon to show up. It could even be an indication of how he's proceeding to function with numerous superheroes, not only Batman, after Equity Group. 


Dark Canary's capability to extend the Flying predators group could likewise prompt the arrival of Katana (Karen Fukuhara). The lethal professional killer from Self destruction Crew didn't get a huge job in her DCEU debut, yet Fukuhara's experience on The Young men demonstrates there is more she can bring to Katana whenever allowed the opportunity. Katana is an individual from the Flying predators group for quite a while in the funnies, so that could be the way she factors into Dark Canary. 

It was even Dark Canary and Batgirl who thought she'd be a decent decision to join the group. Katana's post-Self destruction Crew destiny is muddled, however Dark Canary could be an incredible open door for the DCEU to bring her and the Soultaker back. 


Another pleasant chance to join Dark Canary's cast is The Self destruction Crew's terrible Intellectual (Michael Rooker). The personality of Intellectual initially appeared in Flying predators #56 and was restored from being a lowlife to working with the group. While that history is probably not going to be essential for Intellectual's DCEU story, a past with Dark Canary was potentially prodded in The 

Self destruction Crew. Speculations have gone crazy that him killing a canary toward the start of the film is an indication that Dark Canary is answerable for Intellectual's detainment. Dark Canary could then show a flashback to how this occurred assuming the DCEU needs to affirm this hypothesis as ordinance.


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