Machine Gun Kelly makes a big appearance stunning new search for 'Papercuts' video

The "Blondie Wear" is currently the bare Wear. 

Automatic weapon Kelly (genuine name: Colson Pastry specialist) has shaved his head, he shared via online media. The 31-year-old vocalist said he did it for his music video "Papercuts," which is coordinated by Cole Bennett. The video, for the main single off his new collection Brought into the world with Horns, debuts Wednesday. 

Adding to the search for the video is a tattoo on the shirtless Kelly's head. He didn't say it's an extremely durable option to his tat assortment — which he previously added to this week, getting coordinating with arm ink with drummer Travis Barker — so apparently it's painted on and transitory. Drop studs and a security pin nose ring total the stunning change — and he seemed to have less chest tattoos than expected. 

Here's a superior look: 

Kelly prodded his new tune via online media recently and verses include: "Marked an arrangement, I got papercuts/They needed them, however they got us." 

The "Grisly Valentine" star's blondie locks are consistently evolving. Simply this week his hair contacted his shoulders. In Spring, he had more limited blue hair with periphery for a night out with sweetheart Megan Fox. 

No word on Fox's opinion about his video look, yet we presume she's into it. All things considered, he's her "twin fire." When they met, after her union with Brian Austin Green finished, she said it was something of "mythic extents, she told Nylon. "I investigated his eyes [and] I felt the most flawless, generally delicate, most unadulterated soul. My heart broke quickly and I recently realized that I was f**ked... The force of converging with him is simply overpowering, and the danger it presents is so incredible yet so delightful that you must choose between limited options to give up with veneration and with appreciation." 

Last month, in a meeting with InStyle, she hammered pundits for mother disgracing her when she's seen out with her sweetheart of one year. The mother of three additionally disagreed with individuals bringing up that she is four years more established than he is. 

You need to discuss man centric society? The way that he's four years more youthful than me, and individuals need to behave like I'm dating a more youthful man," she said. "He's 31, and I'm 35. Truly, he's lived like he's 19 his entire life, yet he isn't 19. Nobody would flicker twice if George Clooney was dating somebody four years more youthful." 

The "Papercuts" video drops at 12 PM — or 9 p.m. PT.


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