One Of The Greatest New K-Pop Gatherings Broke Into The Spotlight Similarly As The Pandemic Started. They've Been Not able to See Their New Fans.


K-pop stars the Boyz addressed BuzzFeed News about making new music and missing their fans. 

This is an extract from Daebak Week by week, BuzzFeed's K-pop pamphlet. Join here 

In the K-pop industry, the connection among craftsman and fan is a staggeringly close to home one. Dissimilar to in the West, where the prominence of an artist can be generally influenced by computerized factors — radio play, streaming numbers, collection deals — in the South Korean popular music industry, relational trades can have a gigantic, solitary impact. It very well may be the factor that makes a gathering famous, or leaves them totally under the radar 

Live exhibitions, called "stages," are regularly how individuals are acquainted with gatherings. The introduction stage is an unquestionably significant occasion. Fansigns offer you a chance to hold your number one superstar's hand, and not only for a photograph — they'll peruse your journal, or sit and talk with you for some time. 

However, Coronavirus has overturned these methods for correspondence, alongside the chance they accommodate new K-pop gatherings to discover perceivability. So for the 11 individuals — 11! — of the Boyz, discovering notoriety and making music in the midst of the pandemic has included constant work. 

It's been quite furious with arrangements for our rebound," principle artist Juyeon revealed to BuzzFeed News in a video call with different individuals on Saturday, two days before the arrival of their 6th smaller than usual collection, Rush ing. "Simply a great deal of training a lot and practice." 

Appearing in 2017, the gathering rose to fame last year by securing the title on mainstream South Korean rivalry show Street to Realm, where under-the-radar K-pop gatherings fight in live stages for a spot on the ensuing system Realm, with more experienced and very much perceived gatherings of artists and artists. The Boyz pushed out the opposition with their dramatic and stunning tricks including getting their hands on fire going, tumbling off high edges, and elevated swordwork. They eventually 

prevail over many top groups to put second on Realm before in 2021. From that point forward, their being a fan (called "Deobi") has just extended ten times — basically. 

"Fortunately, we got around two days to rest up after the show before rebound," said Juyeon to snickers from other gathering individuals. "Only two days." 

Albeit the work has been requesting, the not really settled to ride their influx of development in the midst of the pandemic and keep on showing their fans new sides to their music. It's unmistakable they miss their fans, and their antagonism from Deobi was a reemerging subject all through our discussion. 

Nobody realizes when we'll have the option to see them vis-à-vis once more," said performer New. "That is a huge concern." 

Their last track, "The Stealer," was a reemphasis of what the Boyz are most popular for — loads of solid movement, weighty beats, and stunningly consistent collaboration — yet they trust that Rush ing, which was delivered on Monday, is an opportunity for them to show a greater amount of their bright characters too. "This collection has an all the more new and enthusiastic energy," said artist Hyunjae 

It wasn't hard for us to record it, since we're in every case splendid and snickering. We just must act naturally." 

We need to demonstrate to the fans that we have another side of us," said entertainer New. "There's quite a lot more to us — we have a wide range of various tones." 

There are various characters in the gathering. There are principle singers Sangyeon, Younghoon, and New; lead artists Hyunjae, Juyeon, and Q; rappers Sunwoo and Juhaknyeon; just as performers Kevin, Jacob, and rapper Eric, who are the global individuals hailing from Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles, 

separately. During our meeting, they kept up a flood of chitchat between more genuine responses to persuade one another and assisting each other with interpreting diverse jargon words from Korean to English (an interpreter assisted the South Korean–conceived individuals with replying too). It's been difficult to associate eye to eye with everybody, they concurred, however they're cheerful they have one another, just as the attitude of hwaiting, or battling. 

Rush ing highlights six tracks of summer tunes: light and cheery tracks to move away the warmth. It's been some time since they've accomplished something as charming as the tunes on this collection, most remarkably the pool party–themed title track, "Roller coaster." It's very a takeoff 

from their dim and risky standing, however as Q said, "One thing that hasn't changed without a doubt is that we put this all into this collection, regardless of whether it is delivering, singing, or recording." 

We're a 11-man group," said Sunwoo, "so practice is the solitary answer." 

They recorded the music video for "Roller coaster" for three days, something that Jacob and Eric said they've never accomplished for a music video (generally, they say, it takes two at max). Be that as it may, they had a great deal of stories to share from the experience. "We had a major fan that was extremely incredible … to seem as though we were really on an exciting ride," Kevin said. "I should hold a peanut butter and jam, and Eric should take it from me and lose it the truck. 

Eric emulated a fierce throwing movement as Kevin proceeded: "However the fan flew it out of my hand and straightforwardly onto his face, and it seemed like somebody smacked his face!" 

While the pandemic has cut them off from fans, they're not cut off from one another. As they isolated together, they've discovered approaches to relax — though surprising ones. Q, who has an affection for thrillers, loves to give his Chucky doll hairstyling makeovers and surprisingly discovered him an accomplice: a similarly unnerving doll named Annabelle (named for the 2014 blood and gore movie he adores) that he leaves with Chucky in spots to scare his kindred band 

individuals. Kevin says he's cool with it, however Juyeon is passionately not. "We're utilized to it, however at evening time we'll go to the kitchen to get something, and we'll turn the lights on," clarified Jacob. "It alarms us!"


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