Thus, Uh...It Turns Out Margot Robbie Truly Played out THAT Trick In "The Self destruction Crew"


Thus, it's been barely fourteen days since James Gunn's not-exactly a-continuation/not-exactly a-reboot, The Self destruction Crew, hit theaters and HBO Max in the entirety of its abhorrent wonder. 

Be that as it may, before I get into this pleasant minimal behind-the-scene story, a fast admonition. There are SPOILERS AHEAD for a quite certain arrangement in the film, so if it's not too much trouble, tread carefully! 

OK SO — as every individual who's seen the film definitely knows — one of the genuine stand-apart groupings is certainly when Margot Robbie's adored executioner jokester, Harley Quinn, severely kills one of her captors utilizing only her legs, all while being cuffed to a roof. 

Also, quite possibly the most mind blowing little minutes in that all around inconceivable little arrangement is when Harley utilizes only her uncovered feet to get a key from out of her presently dead captor's pocket, and — utilizing her set up acrobatic foundation and absurd center strength — she opens herself. 

WELL! AS! IT! TURNS! OUT! Margot really played out that trick — the Whole trick, from start to finish — seriously. You all, this is Really her, not a stand-in: 

When talking on the trick, chief James Gunn revealed to Jimmy Kimmel Live!: "[Margot] resembles a human Swiss armed force blade, and watching this scene with her flipping in reverse was simply past extraordinary." 

I was glad to such an extent that it worked and I was hypnotized by it," he proceeded. "And afterward I got into the altering room with the recording and [she] has a sleeve on [her] outfit that covers her face, so it resembles it's a stand-in. It's my greatest lament!" 

OK, so — only for reference — Margot Robbie and I are just a single year separated in age. She's 31. I — the human lady composing this post — am 30. Margot can do this inconceivable trick easily. In the mean time, when I stand up too quick, my entire body breaks like when you add cold milk to a bowl of Rice Krispies. 

In this way, uh, better believe it. There ya have it! Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn keeps on being probably the best thing occurring in superhuman motion pictures at this moment and, in the event that you actually haven't, make certain to look at her in The Self destruction Crew — at present in theaters and on HBO Max!


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