WWE's Scratch Khan on Roman Rules Versus John Cena at SummerSlam: 'Your Scoundrel Is Just comparable to Your Legend


SummerSlam 2021 is set to highlight a significant showdown between top WWE hotshots Roman Rules and John Cena. 

Rules has acquired significant recognition of late since turning heel (turning into a trouble maker in star wrestling speech), while Cena stays one of the top babyfaces (heroes) ever. 

As you probably are aware, your miscreant is just comparable to your saint, and your legend is just on par with your scoundrel," WWE president and boss income official Scratch Khan told Assortment. "So with Roman being on such a tear and being such a beast heel, it just seemed well and good for probably the best substance ever to return. We think John has had a very bustling summer [promoting "F9" and "Self destruction Squad"]. He was adequately thoughtful to not exclusively do the entirety of our broadcast shows, including 'SummerSlam,' yet the entirety of our non-broadcast shows too. So he's been working his butt off to perform for our fans and to work with us and we incredibly like that." 

SummerSlam" will be held around evening time with fans in participation at the Allegiant Arena in Las Vegas, the home of the Las Vegas Thieves. It will stamp the first run through "SummerSlam" has been held at a NFL setting and will be one of the principal games held at the arena. 

"Commonly, we just do one football arena show a year, and that is WrestleMania," Khan said. "Since there was a restricted limit in Tampa in April when we did it, that was a two night occasion. We haven't been on the west coast in more than 20 months, so it was imperative to us to give our fans the large arena air in some measure once this year in a full setting. So with more than 45,000 tickets sold… we feel like it will be a great occasion for everyone." 

Khan, who was brought up in Las Vegas, said that the transition to hold the occasion on a Saturday is intended to permit fans to have the full Vegas experience. 

"The vast majority of our compensation per-sees have been on Sunday evenings and afterward 'Monday Night Crude' clearly on Mondays," he said. "So we don't accept there's a many individuals from out of state who say, 'Good gracious, we should go to Vegas. How about we go off the deep end on a Sunday.' Or 'We should go to Vegas and go insane on a Monday,' or even Friday Smackdown, 'How about we go to Vegas, we should land by 3pm nearby time and be in our seats by 5pm neighborhood and go off the deep end.' It simply doesn't work like that there." 

Furthermore, the occasion is being communicated into cinemas cross country just as being accessible on pay-per-view and Peacock. The occasion is likewise novel in that it will be the first run through SummerSlam has been communicated in real time on a Saturday night


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